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Unread 10-04-2009, 03:14 AM
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Default Naruto Uzumaki~!

Did you read the rules?: Yes

Did you looked if this character was free?: I’m.. pretty sure :’’D

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 166.0 cm

Weight: 50.9 kg

Race: Human/Demon

Class: Gennin Ninja

Appreance: Quite short, of normal weight, with spiky blonde hair, and skyblue eyes. His most distinguishing feature is probably the three whisker like markings on both of his cheeks.

Background: Shortly after his birth, Naruto was imbued with the Nine-tailed Fox demon, or Kyuubi no Yoko, a terrible beast that was threatening the entire fire nation at the time. His father, Minato (Also known as Yondaime, and the 4th Hokage) sealed the fox inside Naruto to save the village, but lost his life in the process. Naruto’s mother, Kushina, disappeared sometime during this. Her whereabouts, and physical conditions are unknown, though she is presumed dead. Naruto, having no other relatives, is an orphan. During his childhood, he was(and still sometimes is) shunned by the villages, who hated the fox inside him.(This is because the fox demon killed many people before it was finally sealed away – The villagers aim their resentment at Naruto, as he is the foxes ‘container’) Naruto joined the ninja academy, however, he was pretty much hopeless at most of the techniques. He manages to pass by learning a forbidden ‘Shadw Clone Jutsu’, and joins team 7. Naruto continues to go on missions with Team 7(Which comprises of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake) as well as entering the chuunin exams. He forms bonds with many of the other gennin, and even manages to talk sense into Gaara of the Desert(Another Jinchuuriki – The name for those who have demons sealed inside them) However, his strongest bond is with Sasuke Uchiha.
Sasuke, however, chooses to leave the village in search of power. Naruto refuses to let him go, and they have a very epic battle. However, Naruto, despite his best efforts, looses, and Sasuke leaves. In Shippunden, Naruto is still chasing Sasuke, after training for two years with Jiraiya(One of the 3 legendary sennin, ninjas of immense power)
He stills almost obsessively chases after Sasuke, having vowed to bring the boy back to Konoha.

Personality: Naruto is very determined and has very strong values that he never once fails to act by, even in hopeless situations. His dream is to become Hokage, as it is the epitome of his ambitions to have the village acknowledge him and live for the sake of protecting his important people.
Naruto has a knack for inspiring people to realise their potentials and resolve to work harder or change their ways for the better; his determination and resolve often earn him sympathy from other characters. One early example of this is Konohamaru, the grandson of the third Hokage, who was inspired by Naruto to stop trying to find shortcuts to becoming Hokage, as there are no shortcuts and the only way is paved with plenty of hard work. Another is Inari, whom Naruto helped by making him see that anyone can make a difference and by confronting him about his refusal to come to terms with his painful past (as Naruto's past was similarly tragic). Both of them have gotten very attached to Naruto and have taken to calling him Onii-chan (big brother).
Though he is naturally impetuous, hyperactive and tends to rush into combat without thinking, Naruto is capable of devising some quite clever plans by creative usage of his jutsu. He has more than once upstaged what looked like a superior opponent by exploiting the element of surprise an unconventional usage of a technique entails; Kakashi even dubs him the "number one ninja in surprising people". Another main driving force behind his otherwise average Taijutsu and Ninjutsu abilities is the huge power and chakra reserves of the Kyuubi. Kyuubi is by no stretch of the imagination a particularly pleasant character, but nevertheless does everything in his power to help Naruto - lending chakra as requested, healing Naruto with his extreme healing ability and so forth - if only for the fact that Naruto's death would mean the Kyuubi's death as well.
There are downsides to the huge chakra load that is Kyuubi; like most of the biggest weapons, it can't be lifted, let alone wielded, with ease. Naruto is a relatively small container that cannot quite handle the whole of Kyuubi's chakra, which might account for Naruto's inability to control and focus chakra consistently for jutsu during his days at the academy. Even later, when Naruto learns to better control his chakra, any technique relying on Kyuubi's chakra to work properly runs a chance of failing, as it takes great conviction or control on Naruto's part to draw Kyuubi's chakra effectively. However, Naruto's Chakra and Kyuubi's chakra are slowly fusing and are expected to eventually become one, which is bound to drastically change this status-quo.
Unread 10-04-2009, 03:14 AM
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Default Re: Naruto Uzumaki~!

Naruto’s most commonly used attacks are

- Shadow Clone Jutsu: Because Naruto’s immense amount of chakra(thanks to the Kyuubi) he can create practically thousands of clones of himself, each possessing his own abilities and strengths. However, these clones are not quite solid, and one well aimed punch can make them disappear in a cloud of smoke.

- Rasengan: This is possibly one of Naruto’s most powerful moves. He focuses large amounts of wind chakra in his palm, and charges it at the opponent. This attack is powerful enough to leave a rather hefty dent in his opponents.

-Rasenshuriken: This ability allows Naruto to create four large points making the Rasengan appear as a giant shuriken, with the Rasengan in the center remaining a perfect sphere. The technique gives off a loud bell-like screech. When the Rasenshuriken hits a target, the victim becomes trapped in a giant vortex of microscopic wind-blades that attack the body on a cellular level. It produces so many individual strikes that even Kakashi Hatake is unable to count them all with his Sharingan eye. The wind chakra severs the chakra and nerve channels in the body, and if the chakra circulatory system is damaged, it can't be repaired by any form of medical ninjutsu. Not only is it capable of cutting through rock, but when a human is struck by it, its body is ripped to shreds.

- Kuchiyouse no jutsu: This is a summoning jutsu, which allows Naruto to summon huge toads/frogs from the summoning realm to assist him in battle. However, this jutsu can be unpredictable, as sometimes he may only summon a small toad, while other times, he may summon Gamabunta(the King Toad, who is HUGE)

- Naruto Rendan: The Nisen Rendan is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Uzumaki Naruto. After using Tajuu Kage Bunshin(Shadow clone jutsu) to create an enormous amount of clones, Naruto will begin his normal Rendan combo, knocking his opponent into the air. Then the huge number of clones will come raining down, striking his target over 2,000 times.

- Sexy no Jutsu: This is a transformation jutsu, whereby Naruto changes his appearance in an instant, becoming a vulumptuous, naked woman.(However, small smoke clouds cover her more.. ehem.. Yes, well, where clouds are needed.) However, this jutsu is almost completely useless, unless he is attempting to shock/surprise/infatuate the opponent, it causes no damage to his opposition. ( Though they may spend a few precious seconds gawking xD)

- Along with these, he sometimes( When emotionally prompted by either rage, or great sadness) realeases the Kyuubi. He uses thise ability when either his own chakra runs out, or the Kyuubi forcefully takes over. Depending on his rage, or the Kyuubi’s own ability, there a multiple ways thise demon chakra can manifest(However, depending on the level of chakra used, it can have different effects on Naruto):

1 Tail: The Kyuubi will begin to take over by coating Naruto in its reddy-orange chakra cloak, which takes the general shape of a fox. (Meaning the cloak has ears, claws, and a long, fox-like tail). Naruto’s own teeth also lengthen to become fangs, his nails grow and become pointed, the lines on his cheeks roughen and become thicker. His hair also seems messier and more ragged, and his eyes turn from bright blue to crimson, with a slitted pupil. In this form, Naruto becomes amazingly fast, and his chakra is immense. The Kyuubi’s chakra ‘cloak’ also seems to have some sort of life of its own, and can make ‘clawed arms’ branch out. The Kyuubi’s chakra will burn whatever it comes in contact with, as well as human skin. This form seems to not really affect Naruto, as when he reverts back to his normal self, he seems only slightly fatigued.

2 Tails: When Naruto gains a second tail, he is much the same as his first form. However, the more tails he gets, the more feral he becomes, as the Kyuubi starts to take over more of his mind. ( He looks exactly like the 1 tails form, except with two tails instead of 1)

4 Tails: When in this state, Naruto has become completely lost. As said in an episode, “He has become a miniature version of the Kyuubi,”. By this stage, Naruto has lost all sense of his humanity, and will attack anything in his path. This form is particularly dangerous, and severely affects Naruto. When he becomes himself once more, he suffers from extreme burns(due to the Kyuubi’s chakra) and fatigue. This form also shortens his life span.

6 Tails: Kyuubi is still completely in power. He gains immense power and speed, and is pretty terrifying.

8 Tails: By this time, Naruto has BECOME the Kyuubi, and the demon is pretty much unsealed. He has only ever come this far ONCE, and thankfully, the demon was resealed by the Yondaime, who had sealed some of his own spirit inside Naruto, should the demon ever be close to breaking free. If Naruto EVER come to this stage again, he will die, and the Kyuubi will be completely released.

- Along with these techniques, Naruto has basic ninja skills, e.g. He can walk on water, up vertical, non-stick surfaces, and run at an incredibly fast. He is also agile enough to bounce through tree branches, and has good endurance, as well as a high pain-tolerance. This is partially due to his training, as well as determination- Once Naruto sets his mind on something, he refuses to give in, no matter how hopeless the objective seems.

OKAY!~ So, I REALLY hope he's free - I took a small gander at the charactars in use, and he didn't LOOK like he was there, but ya' never know. I put plenty of effort into this bio, so I hope its good enough~! ^w^
Unread 10-04-2009, 03:18 AM
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Default Re: Naruto Uzumaki~!

approved naruto lol ... yeah he's free i guess ...

well im off now lol
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