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Unread 05-03-2016, 02:27 PM
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Post MADKuroko's MAD Making Guide

Hi, I am MADKuroko. An experience MAD Maker.
I am here to explain and teach you guys for those who are interested on how to make or understand what MAD is.

What is MAD?
MAD is a completely different and abbreviated term of Music Anime Douga™. MAD is the Japanese version of the term AMV (Anime Music Video). They are usually presented in TV Size version (compressed to a minute and a half) of Japanese music, mainly presented as openings and endings.

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Before I carry on with the guide. I would like everyone to take note that this guide is to my experience and opinions. Everyone has their own opinions and views on the following things that I am going to explain

1. Basics of Sony Vegas
Since this section has made a thread regarding this. I will attach it here so it will guide you along the way.

Click here: How to use sony vegas tutorial

2. Choosing a Music
Choosing music is important in making your edits. Music chosen needs to fit the Anime of your choice. For some, this may be a difficult task. For example, I am about to make an opening edit from Aldnoah Zero. I know Aldnoah wouldn't fit from artists like LiSA, One Ok Rock, Uverworld etc. But however, I know that their original intro Heavenly Blue by Kalafina from Season 1 which fits the Anime a lot. So I would first try finding a song that goes with the similar lyrics or similar tune with Heavenly Blue. After searching, I realized maybe I should use To the Beginning by the same artist as it fits quite well with the Anime.

It will be like this:

It may take awhile to understand how important music plays a role in making your video great even if it's simple.

3. Styles
There are different styles to an Opening or Ending. For all the styles, the most important is to keep consistent flow, timing and realism like in original Openings and Endings.

Artistic (Non-RAW)
Some people may prefer Maskings, Overlaying, Effects. This style require creativity and time. But with dedication to make a great edit, quality is what most MAD Studio(s) would want. AMV Editors will get what I mean by this.

Here is an example of an Artistic Style edit (not mine):

RAW is something not many people use or may have used wrongly in making a fan-made Opening and Endings. Doesn't mean RAW can't do maskings and effects. This style do not do as much maskings as Artistic as RAW uses more overlaying effects. However, RAW Styles uses Creditless Openings/Endings from Original Anime to mix with episodes that look "intro-ish" to add into the Edit to look more Original.

Here is an example of a RAW Style edit:

4. Credits and Lyrics
Credits and Lyrics is important for an Opening and Endings. Lyrics are to be in Japanese Kanji format. Most RAW Style Edits would not require Lyrics but as for Credits, is compulsory. The easiest way to research on the Credits and Lyrics is to use Google. Google is your best friend. I would suggest using Japanese Google Platform to do it.

I will demonstrate in search for an Anime Credits:

Anime: Aldnoah Zero
Anime in Kanji: アルドノア・ゼロ

Step 1:
Head onto a Japanese version of Google

Step 2:
Search for an Anime with it's Japanese Kanji with Seesaawiki in it and try to look for Staff and Cast Link. Most Staff and Cast link has h.t.t.p/./seesaawiki.jp/w/radioi_3 in it.

Last Step:
To paste in the Credits with Kanji Font which can be found by searching on google. Good fonts will make your video more presentable and Credits placement will make it look real.

Q: Where do I download Creditless Anime Openings/Endings.
A: I personally use AniTousen

Q: Where do I download Anime Episodes in RAW (Subless)
A: I personally use Nyaa but other Anime Torrent Sites works too.

Q: Where do I download Transparent Logos from?
A: Google Images, add "png" into your search engine. Example: Naruto Shippuden logo png

This is my first guide. It may not be perfect or good. But I hope you guys can take away something from this.

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Unread 06-26-2016, 08:34 PM
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Default Re: MADKuroko's MAD Making Guide

Great! Thanks for sharing, very useful information.

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