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Unread 03-01-2013, 11:37 PM
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Default food for thought

this is a thread for diffrent thoughts that i just plainly cant fit into a normal thread and thus will go here. this thread aims to get people to think and to get my own ideas and thoughts out of my head and personal electronics or notes. you are free to post your own thoughts and comment and discuss about anything wrote in here. i appologise in advance for the chaotic thinking pattern i have when doing more complicated thoughts. with that ill start the actual thought.
________________________________________ _________________

Mystery of he mind connected to school home social and mental pressure.
While in school there is certain expectations. Social pressure. In an ever thinking mind a certain proccress is always going on. That process is thinking over the information already given and gained. Through teaching method a certain way of things has been established in the subconscious (side note 1 about established things, The mind and how that connects to habits) that has become the normal expected thing inside of a school. That create social pressure on the person to not be weired and thus they stay still and don't try to figure out where the information is going. That effectively cuts off conclusions in the mind creating an endless loop of thinking till a conclusion is given(side note 2 on the ingenious creation of a system that traps people's minds). The difference outside of school is created by one of two things. Eather the subject has a natural desire for things to change a little makeing it so that the subconscious rules a home or where ever change slights. Or the person has a natural want for things to stay the same. In that case it gets subconsciously complicated, the complication is how to make that possible in ever changeling sinarios. The solution ends up being that the person takes charge of their surroundings sometimes demanding impossible things because of it. The person eather has to take charge themself or find someone who will and that will keep things exactly the same(side note 3 on connections between this and note 2 with connections to trapped minds and development).

Side note 1
Things established in the subconscious effect the mind greatly. When certain things are established in the subconscious they affect the actions of that person. Most things are established as normal/abnormal. and create boundrys for the mind. Other things subtly affect he thinking and perception of life or specific things.

side note 2
the creation of a system that effectively traps a persons mind by the person its self is genious and thus could not have been totaly accidental. most likely it was a carfully thought out idea from way in the past. someone thought of how to create this particular situation for their own reasons. that person must of relized that it only takes a small idea and a few specifics to manage to create this system, and in the end easily created a very complicated system with little to no effort. (side note 4 connecting on the reasons for a system to trap peoples minds and social pressure)

side note 3
in a mind that has been traped by subconscious things that have been established, the mind does not develope quickly or at all. in that situation the person is stuck in a perpetual system of traps. even one who trys to get out of the trap without knowing the traps true nature would only stick themself further into the trap by conforming to what the trap wants in order to get slightly more "freedom" which actualy just cages them more.

side note 4
the reason for such an elaborate trap is various. the trap was easily made by the origonal creator by simply thinking out this complicated plan and planting in some key ideas. so the entire reason for this huge trap could be as simple as just wanting to make sure that someone at all times is on top of everyone else, possibly a political plan that has just plainly gone too far by now.
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