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Unread 08-16-2009, 10:52 PM
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Default new character? sure

Did you read the rules?: read? sure, if skimming means reading

Did you looked if this character was free?: hell yeah its free, no one has a stupid imagination like mine

Name: Phiz Despoct

Age: 1523 (for your puny human years: 15)

Gender: male

Height: 5'3

Weight: 142

Race: Demon

Class: Fisticuffs(better yet: poor nobody punk)


hair and eyes are apple green, skin is regular anime skin(the default) with red lines streaming down eyes to waist, Red cloth with black markings and faded jean shorts, sandals are brown and black, gloves are brown and black [more pics and poses will come later]

Personality: He's poor and craves oney to survive and support him and his friend, Nubs. A bit stubborn and gullible, pretty secretive with how he gets money, friendly to his friends, has a secret love for superheros, sensitive about his height, tries to make friends and is prone to trouble and accidents

Attacks: punches and kicks and throws.
Instant knockout: An uppercut to an axe kick combination
Super Maximum Clothesline: Rockets forward with a strong leap with arm stretched out
Maximum Storm: A bunch of punches that leads to a strong upper cut, than jumps high enough to reach you and throw you down, ends with a meteor like elbow drop
Justice finish(comedy move): Strong straight in the gut then you stumble fake like backwards, Phiz poses and you get hit by oddly placed fire works explosion

Abilities: Money grubby: forces himself to believe he will get money after the battle: ups attack and speed
Bite me: annoys the foe to the breaking point, causes them to attack more but with decreased accuracy

Items(like he can buy any)/Weapons: gloves and sandals and body

Biography: (I like disgaea so this is my basic plot of a disgaea game if I had any say in it)He's poor has been living int the streets of the netherworld for as far as he can remember(several thousand years) along the way he picked up a friend Nubs, she actually has a nub. For several years feels like he's taking care of a family within the alley he's living with Nubs and several other not so important characters. One day some guards from the overlords castle came looking for Nubs(whose real name is Nubulix Rosechester III), for she is the heir to be the next overlord. Not wanting to be the overlord passed the responsibility to Phiz which led to some kind of hilarious story with a plot line meeting some unique characters and epic battles.

for this forum on how he got to whatever era the forum is in is because an asshole demon decided to be more of an asshole and teleported him there through magic.

Learning abilities: through battles and imagination.

-if character is not approved I can make more-

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Unread 08-16-2009, 11:43 PM
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Default Re: new character? sure

it looks good its temperaey approved for a day until mains approve it

Click the link above to read twokinds
Unread 08-19-2009, 08:23 AM
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Default Re: new character? sure


Enjoy playing.
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