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Unread 09-15-2015, 03:07 AM
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Default Draose

Did you read the rules?: Yes

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character? Original Character

Did you look to see if this character was free?: N/A

Name: Draose

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0" (72 inches)

Weight: 197 lbs

Speces: Human

Class: Soldier/Officer

With a ridiculous tattoo on the right side of his face which he got in his youth, black close cut hair, dark eyes, a mocha complexion, athletic but slender build, Draose is not a very physically imposing figure. Whether in uniform or civilian clothing, he gives the impression of being quite unremarkable, like one of those wannabe street toughs who act like they are hardcore but are really soft as baby shit when confronted. However, anyone who let's these merely cosmetic definitions cause them to underestimate him, are in for a rude awakening when he starts stomping their butt and walking it dry.

Personality: Don't let his stature fool you, when the heat is on, and the battlefield is set before him, Draose is ferocious soldier and field commander. He has the wisdom, skill, and determination of a seasoned veteran. He also never takes a prisoner, unless the mission calls for it. He may be an officer but he is still a soldier and by all definitions of the word, nothing more nothing less.

When off the battlefield he often stays to himself as he is a bit of an introvert when not in his element, which is dispersing with enemies who threaten the freedom of others and dominate those who cannot defend themselves. Though he is introverted there are a few comrades he has grown close to and whom he confides in.

He doesn't share much about himself but those that have gotten close are aware of his tormented and tortured past. If you don't know him, Draose comes off as ill-mannered and full of attitude. Please, thank you, hello and words of the like just aren't in his vocabulary.

Attacks: While proficient in the handling of various weapons, Draose is most dangerous when in close quarters hand to hand combat. His main attack which he calls "Shattered Glass", focuses on a series of movements to determine and target an opponents weak points. It in turn triggers pressure points in the makeup and physical structure of an opponent, shattering their bones.

Abilty's: The military implanted nanites in Draose and other soldiers, which bonded to and altered their DNA, giving them each different abilities. In Draose's case he developed the ability of hiding in plain site and stealth. He can hide himself from view in the open without anything to actually hide behind, as well as move undetected and perform actions unobserved or unnoticed. However this ability does not allow him to hide himself from the infrared spectrum. Another setback is that he cannot use this ability indefinitely. It takes tremendous mental concentration and physical energy to maintain, if used for an extended period of time, Draose will become extremely fatigued and pass out.

-One Neutron Assault Rifle: Reliable automatic rifle fires hyper-piercing heated neutrons at 600 rounds per minute.

-Two Arm Blades: One blade for each arm that are hidden in a forearm sheath.

-One Battle Pistol: Semi-auto heavy pistol with a 5x scope.

-One Medi Grenade: Grenade that spawn a healing aura when detonated around self and teammates. (One use only)

-Two Flak Grenades: Explosive grenades that detonate on a fuse.

-Two Smoke Grenades: Causes smokescreens that last thirty seconds.

-One Diffraction Barrier: Deployed Barrier. User can shoot through it while protected from all incoming fire for forty-five seconds.

Biography: Most of Draose's memories of his life before now are a blur, often coming and going in fragments. Other times an entire life event comes to mind. What he has been able to piece together through therapy and his own meditation is that has been a soldier all of his adult life, and some years ago during the thralls of battle he had been captured. To this day he does not know who or why. He did remember being tortured and experimented on for reasons beyond him.

Maybe the assailants were looking for something in particular or maybe they were just sick sadistic freaks having what was considered a good time by them. Draose cannot recall exact dates but he estimated that he had been held captive for a period of three years. This was later confirmed by a most peculiar and suspicious data file that had mysteriously made its way into his possession. It was an incomplete dossier on him, and the information stated he was declared M.I.A for a while and after the first year and a half of his absence declared dead by his superiors.

As vague and incomplete as that information was, it did give him a place to start in finding out the truth. How he escaped his captors, Draose does not recall entirely, in fact he has foggy memories of being set free, or rescued for that matter. With so much being uncertain and still so little answers, Draose does not dwell on the past but rather the here and the now.

He has a new home, new comrades and a new purpose. But that doesn't mean he has given up on finding out who had a hand in his capture, torture, or rescue. In his mind there is more than enough to focus on today.


Unread 09-25-2015, 04:47 PM
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Default Re: Draose

Approved for play. Nice character

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