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Unread 06-15-2016, 03:22 AM
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Default Miakel 'Mia' the saiyajin

Did you read the rules?: Yes- if there are more I am willing and able to go read and acknowledge that I have made myself aware of them <3

My character is a fan-character from the dragon ball z universe

Name: Miakel (more commonly Mia) It's a play on the word Mackerel

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 5 foot 2 inches

Weight: 130 (slightly curvy body type, reasonably fit)

Species: Saiyajin

Class: Low Class

Appearance: I've drawn several pictures of her, this is the most recent http://kissthethunder.deviantart.com...-Mia-615360406

Mia is a relatively plain Saiyajin female of short height and moderately curvy build. She has wide brown/green eyes and light brown hair which she wears tied back in a ponytail (this is based off of a head canon I have about saiyajins occasionally having offspring with 'exotic' hair colors. The most prized being red, followed by blonde, then brown) She wears an olive green sports top and drawstring tan pants with traditional saiyajin footwear.

Personality: Mia is most remarkably timid for being of saiyajin descent. She spent a great deal of her life traveling through space, running and wandering from a collector of alien species named Krill, and it has left her feeling less than confident. Aside from this, she is very friendly and fun loving, and extremely eager to finally learn how to fight, defend herself, and ultimately, stave off the being that hunts her. This is going to mean extensive physical training as well as mental fortifying to ward off telepathic attacks from the torturous Krill. She is thirsty for this knowledge and it will show in her training.

Otherwise, Mia enjoys spending her time outside, usually climbing trees or swimming or simply napping in the sun. She is prone to small childish temper tantrums such as stomping her foot when she's feeling bossed around.

Attacks: Mia has only one special ability. She possesses a reservoir in her for absorbing power from the world around her (at the expense of local flora and fauna) and redirecting it in an attack, This however is not something that she can use right now in any form. The potential is there but again, without proper training using the ability would rip her body apart and ultimately be deadly. I will reiterate that she is unable to use this ability. When she gets strong enough to wield it in some way, it will take a lot of effort for her to concentrate, direct, and use this power. A lack of skill will cause the power to go out of control and burst very painfully out of her own body causing any number of possible injuries. Also, because of her extensive space travel and utter lack of training, Mia upon reaching earth cannot fly or use any other abilities. It was often speculated by her deceased brother that had she been born on their home planet, she would have been killed at birth for being so weak.

Ability's: Mia still has her tail. This, I'd like to think, is obvious.

Items/Weapons: Small space pod, minimal supplies limited to changes of clothes and food

Biography: Her grandfather was a well known saiya-jin soldier a few short generations ago on planet Vegita, but in the end, his son mated below his station and in his humiliation ran his son and Mia's mother off the planet. Living in exile, Mia and her brother were born in space, forgotten by others of their kind. Time passed, and the planet Vegeta was destroyed, only a few remaining saiya-jins scattered across the galaxy.

They were finally captured by Freiza a few years after the planets destruction, (this detail is dependent on if there is a player for Frieza in this forum and their agreement to this plot point) Mia's parents were killed at his hands. Her and her brother however, were passed on as a gift to one of Freiza's few loyal friends, a telepath named Krill who collected rare species. nceSaiya-jins were notoriously known for being able to produce hybrid when offspring when mating outside their own species (which was an act severely frowned upon in saiya-jin culture) and wanting 'super offspring' of his own, he decided to take Mia as his mate.

He was never able to do this however, as her brother made it possible for her to escape the ship. It was at his own expense and he was killed on the spot when she was discovered missing. Krill gave chase across the galaxy after her to fill the gap in his collection and also to produce his offspring. When Mia learned of Freizas death at the hand of a super saiya-jin however, she fled to earth to rejoin what remains of their species in hopes for making a life for herself and maybe find help in ridding herself of the telepath that hunts her.

Please let me know if any details need to be altered! I appreciate your time and effort in helping me find a place for her here <3
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