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Unread 01-05-2010, 12:52 PM
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Default Contest entry for Self Orignal Character

This is My character for the contest Sapphirus, my special/only persona. SHe has full info and a nice background. Been working with her pretty much since I was 12.

(Note: Sapphirus is NOT A FURRY/FURRE)

Name: Sapphirus
Species: Humanoid/Feligon/Dragoline/Chimera (Her body is of human shaped).
Age: N/A (Born at the begining of existance)
Gender: Female
Weight: 195 lbs (wingspan and tails weight makes it more)
Height: 5'9
Occupation: Goddess
Type: Double Divine (Goddess of Dragons and Elements/Non elements]
Personality: Naive, hyperactive, pervy, caring (multiple personalities)
Martial Status: Single/Looking and picky sorry.
Form of Choice: A Humanoid
Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual
Element of choice: Ice/Holy
Element of lest choice: Fire

Loves/Likes: Sib, Niffy, Creating healing Sapphires/NormalSapphires, Humanoids, other divine creatures, dragons, felines, etc.

Hates/Dislikes: Herms (icly) WITH A PASSION, Lesbians hitting on her, etc, Doujishin Yaoi, dragon slayers, Fire, Idiots, Yiffing (IT'S CALLED SEX OR CYBER GUYS, WHEN IT'S HUMAN TYPE ON HUMAN), incest, anything that would be conisdered just wrong. If you want to RP SOMETHING explicit, or have an idea, I won't mind hearing it, aslong as it has nothing to do with my hates.

Ones she will associate/have relationships with/most likely compatible with: Dragons, Humans, Humanoids, Felines, Divine creatures that are in the other mixes, snakes and Nagas too ironically. (She will NOT go out with any other species/types besides these type in this category, Sapph is both capable of laying eggs and having a normal pregnany, so you can say she's both Mammal mostly and Cold Blooded to the least.

RP TYPES: Battling, Confrontation, (Maybe an adult sexual RP, (only if you're not a Furry unless it's feline based) Yes I'll do these too, helps me with my fanfiction stories.

Strength: ?????????
Agility: ???????
Stamina: ??????
Endurance: ???????
Intelligence: ??????
Wisdom: ??????

Personal Weakness: Being too Naive, gives almost everything the benefit of the doubt.
Other weakenesses: (In Normal Form) she Lacks with Physical fighting, can't do it so well...can only do powers/magic awesomely. In her battle form though, that changes..she's more physical fighting adapted. BUT can only stay in that form for so long, after Sapph's powers are drained, meaning she has to sleep for a day to regain them all back again.


Sapphirus stood 5’9 and 195 pounds from the extra body parts she had. Hair was as blue as Sapphires being dyed light blue at the hair tips, and streak throughout her mane. Horns went straight back, being swirled-build like a candy cane, color red, white and black. Eye glittering a lime green, showing off her devious, yet calm nature.

Sacred egyptian markings were imprinted on Sapph's body, being swirled designs which were capable of confusing her enemies if stared at long enough. Face being imprinted with a very beautiful design. Unatural fangs at times came from her mouth, being the same size as a saber-tooth cat's, but was only shown during a battle or if she was provoked.

Wearing a wintered design coat coated with blood red flames and black. One fluffy hood hung mostly around her neck, rather than being ontop of her head. Rainbow-marbled pullstring dangled from her check; being the shape of jacks in a weird way. Below rainbow beads were made into her clothing, they were actually gemstones carved into a circular desgin to impersonate beads. Her Jacket only came to the side of her legs, being a flappy shape.

Rainbows shadings and beads on here body were the key to controlloing her powers; elemental and non-elemental powers. They were created on her form for the very reason for her not to overuse her abilities while battling with others lower ranked than herself. Rainbow beads can also be seen dangling from both of her ears and top wings.

Sapphirus wore greyish boots, spiked at the bottom, only gold-plate looking straps can be seen with 2-slash looking designs going behind them. Her pants were one of her most weirdest attires besides the jacket, they were blue jean-like pants, strapped with a white ribbon that was made to keep her joints from going out of place when in a physical fight or event, especially when she has her power withdrawals during rest.

Two golden halos hovered above her head, and 2 on each of her main wings symbolizing her rank in the Goddess level, which was at full grown. In her lineage, 1 halo above the head an no where else represented amatuer while 2 halos above the head plus some located on the body sybolized full grown.

Wings revealed a majestic impression. Sapphirus's main wings were feathered, being axe shaped at the tips with halos wrapped around them (see above), the endings were draconic-looking with claws to end then with bracers encircling all. Second wing base was less defined then their parents, being axed at the base also, yet black-colored and its ends. Her capablities with her body colors/markings were to keep her eneimies confused in battles, that's one of the things that kept her unique than others.

Last but not least, her 2 faithful but extremely dangerous Axe tails. These tails has some that other body weapons didn't poses. The power to cut through all sorts of irons and armours. Sometimes the tails react depending on Sapph's attitude. If she's pissed off, they're known to wag around in directions that'll give a sigh threatning. When she's happy, they're calmed and dormant. People are to never touch them or the'll be cut in half, or rarely just gain a cut. The tails were like enchanted also, they acted on their own accord, and she has NO control over them whatsoever. One was usually in view while the hidden (more aggresvie) one kept invisible til the last minute.

Spike bracers were found on both of her arms and on her tails. This was the chimera part about her, the tails would act as snakes and strike without warning.

Last edited by Sapphirus; 01-05-2010 at 12:56 PM. Reason: Missed some spots.
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Unread 01-05-2010, 08:31 PM
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Default Re: Contest entry for Self Orignal Character

Very interesting Design Sapphirus
i wish you the best of luck in the contest
What's left of me now...

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Unread 01-05-2010, 08:55 PM
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Default Re: Contest entry for Self Orignal Character

thats s so aweisme looking@!!!!!!!!
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