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Unread 08-10-2009, 06:27 PM
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Talking Coleridge

Hope I did this right. xD;

Did you read the rules?: Yes!

Did you looked if this character was free?: Of course! I'm convinced this is an OC. C:

Name: Coleridge Haim

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 227lbs

Race: Cat Monster (Nekomata)

Class: Novice

Click here to see full text

Personality: Cole hates letting people know how nice he really is. Being so consumed in his training, he doesn't really like talking to people in the first place, but when someone's in need Cole will do what he can to help. He doesn't mind physical touches, but has a hard time showing affection. Because of this he often avoids any 'romantic' situations.

Mighty Roar - A booming sound that saturates an opponent's inner core, holding the possibility of rupturing or distressing vital organs, though this is not guaranteed.
Rend - A flurry of teeth and claws bombard an opponent mercilessly.
Rotting Marionette - As a Nekomata Cole has the power to control the dead. With this attack a corpse or multiple corpses are taken control of and pitted against an opponent, the durability and strength varying depending on the condition of said corpse(s).
War Paint - Cole spills a toxic concoction of blood, corpse dust, and poisonous nectar and dews on the enemy, providing a high possibility of continuous damage. The paint is extremely difficult to wash off, an the smell alone is enough of paralyze an opponent. However, the effects of War Paint vary depending on the opponent, and is useless on 'Holy' type enemies.

Blood Lust - Cole can sense an opponents blood (if blood is present), and can therefore tell the genuine body rather than a duplicate. However this ability can be taken advantage of, Cole never relies on this unless there is a shortage of alternatives.
Quick Rest - Cole can regain stamina at a fast pace, though in tiny increments. However he must completely relax for this ability to activate.
Cold Soup - Deriving the remnants of souls and memories from various corpses, Cole can absorb these and temporarily learn a new skill or regain health or stamina, depending on the previous life and condition of said corpse.

Necromancer Gauntlets - Amplifies Necromancer abilities. Gauntlets made of crushed bone and blood, leather of various creature hides secure this horrendous war item to durable hands.
Bone Gourds - Carries Paint. Tightly sealed, the bones these gourds are carved from absorbs ingredients of the paints they meet, improving new mixtures with every use.
Mysterious Map - Marks the libraries of the forgotten throughout the world. Written in scripts, the map is nearly impossible to decipher by those of non-feline blood.

Biography: Cole started off life like all Cat Monsters, as a tiny kitten. Through years of struggle, Cole's effort was finally rewarded when he sprouted a second tail and became reborn again as a Nekomata. Instinct pulled him towards a deserted valley surrounded by high, jagged mountains and speckled with thick, winding trees. Deep near the center of the valley was an entrance into mysterious catacombs, where Cole wandered through for days, finally reaching a vast library of sorts in the core, illuminated by the souls and memories of the dead. It was there where Cole spent most of his days, studying techniques in instinctive scripts and learning new scripts to broaden his study. He learned to feed on the souls and memories of the departed, and of paints with special abilities. Soon he discovered a strange map marked all over, one of these markings directly over his library. It was a map pointing to more locations of his kind...
Cole now travels, exploring new worlds to learn more of his kind as well as techniques and Paint recipes.

Learning new abilities:
Necromancer Skills - Requires extensive studying, meditation and practice.
New Paints - Finding recipes and ingredients. Minimal practice but needs much experimentation before a Paint is used with confidence.
Cat Monster Attacks and Attributes - Most Attributes are grown into, while some require study and practice. Attacks are studied and practiced, length depending on the Attack.
Unread 08-11-2009, 08:57 AM
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Default Re: Coleridge

enjoy playing.
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