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Unread 05-04-2012, 02:16 AM
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Default OC Character Kael'ite

Did you read the rules? Yes

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character? Original Character

Did you looked if this character was free? Yes

Name: Kael'ite

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 162 lb.

Spieces: Atlantean

Class: Adventurer,Leader

Appreance: Kael'ite is a tanned skinned Atlantean. He has muscles, but isn't all that buff. No scars appear on his body. He has tattoos from his arms to his torso and back. These tattoos glow when certain abilities are unleashed He has green eyes, as most Atlantean's in his time. Gills on the side of his neck to breath under water. He wears a tight grey tank top with the design of an Atlantean. His pants are very tight and full black. Behind him, he wields an electronic small backcase that holds a generator. The generator creates water from oxygen/carbon dioxide/ and water itself.

Personality: He is a leader, he takes charge when it is neccessary. He allows his friends to call him Kael. He divides his time between Atlantis and land. He is sometimes homesick, but he is needed in the earth to protect it from all evil. He hopes to please his teamates with his actions and not allow any of them to fall in battle. He is very loyal and puts everyone of his friends before the mission, which may be his downfall, but it is what he believes in.

Attacks: His twin water blades are surrounded by electricity, which harms and stuns the opponent in place. The water is as sharp as real blades which cut the exact same. The blade is undestructable, due to its ability to regenarate water. With his control of water, he is capable of creating a water dragon, which is his strongest move. It takes all of his energy to do so and all of its generated water in his electromagnetic backpack.

Abilty's: Superhuman strength and speed, but not as strong and fast as a saiyan. Enhanced durability, he is capable of taking strong hits and damagable attacks. Amphibious ability, as an Atlantean, he has gills which allow him to breath underwater for as long as he chooses. Toxic immunity, Kael cannot be poisoned by anything, as an Atlantean, he has obtained medicine to repeal all toxins, such as Jellyfish toxin and other poisons. He is also able to manipulate water, control it pretty much, but not so much water, he can only manipulate a certain amount.

Items/Weapons: Dual blades. His swords were given to him by the king of Atlantis, Poseidon. The swords are a sort of lightsaber thing. The blade is not yet released from the handle until a energy from the handle is released. Once it is released, it looks like a longer version of a machete which is surrounded by electricity. Within the surrounding electricity, a hard shell of water is presented. Because Kael can manipulate water, his swords are made of that H2O substance.

Biography: Kael'ite was raised by King Poseidon's brother. As he grew older he took classes with his so step mother. He practiced in Electrokinesis and Hydrokinesis. Electokinesis is the ability to generate large amounts of electiricity. Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water, but he did not learn enough to manipulate entire seas. He is only capable of manipulating small amounts of water space. Kael remained in Atlantis until he turned 16, when he joined King Poseidon as one of his warriors. Once that occurred, he was given mission to go to the surface world and help the humans defend the earth. From then on, Kael has been moving back and forth from sea to land. At the age of 21, when he was capable of entering the main Alpha army of Poseidon, he turned into the King's right hand man. Now he is in Atlantis as head of the King's army. He has gained many skills in weaponry combat. He was gifted two of Poseidon's most valuable weapons. The Twin Swords of Water Bending. The swords allow Kael to create swords from water and fuse them with his Electrokinesis abilities, creating a hard water shell surrounded by electricity. As for now, he is ready to take action and continue his battle for peace, in both land and sea. He is in love with a girl in Atlantis, but since he leaves to land, she sometimes misses him. He is not always in her prescence, due to his position as an Atlantean. Though all this, he will continue his burden as Kael'ite.

Learning new abilty's:
His skills in Hydrokinesis are still not the best. He does not have time to train with his stepmother in this sport, but when he has time, he continues to do so, mostly alone.
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