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Default Re: The curse of Torians

( will fix this later )


After a month, the surface of planet Toria trembled as 3 saiyan pods smashed deep into the ground, destroyed many trees on their way.

They stepped outside . In front of them , a planet with dark gray sky, no grassed , actually, in stead of grasses , there are purple mosses covered most of the ground. There also are many marshes , the trees are super tall, they almost covered the sky above , creeperes hanged down or twined around the trees like snakes . The leaves are all dark green, nearly as dark as black

Raditz took a deep breath , the peaceful air on this planet will soon disappear along with every living things on it . Pity that, but he will soon enjoy this. He couldn't wait to see the terrified faces , the destruction , to hear the screaming , ... For a second, he had a strange feeling about this planet.

" okay, i will go this way " Vegeta pointed to the left " Nappa this way " pointed forward " and Raditz... hey Raditz, you listening? " he frowned

Raditz snapped out of his thinking bubbles " er...what? "

" hurry! I can't wait to start my favorite part " Nappa said impatiently

Vegeta still frowning " Raditz, you gotta pay more attention when i speak! Now , you go that way "

Raditz looked where Vegeta pointed " why am i the only one who must go deep into the jungle? "

" stop asking nonsense , tell me the situation each hour through the scouter . NOW MOVE ! " Vegeta ordered then quickly disappear from their sight , so did Nappa.

Now that he was alone, Raditz kicked the nearest tree hard " those elites, they think they are so good! " , the poor tree cracked then collapsed . he kept on muttering and cursing on his way into the forest. With his scouters , it wasn't hard to find the village. He stood on a tall tree's branch , looking down at the pitiful creatures . They look like bugs , different kinds of bugs . But the most common bugs are those with only one eye , brown skinned , 4 tiny insect wings on their back . When they talk, sound came out like buzzing sound . They were all doing their normal job : collecting honey from huge flowers they grown ; or just chatting, ... unaware what will happen to them. Raditz chuckled . He landed on the mossy ground in the middle of their village. The creatures stared at him, probably wondering what kind of bug is that . Raditz grinned evilly as he charged 2 energy ball in his hands .

He fired both at the same time , destroyed everything in his left and right . The bugs decided that it was time to panic , they screamed and ran chaoticly , trying to get into the forest . But Raditz would never give them a chance, he blasted , smashed , crushed everything , every creatures were caught in his sight with no hesitate .

" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! " he laughed , he enjoyed the blood pouring on the ground , and the sound of destruction. He stopped as he had killed all the villages , weren't enough, he wasn't satisfied yet, but decided to take a break. His stomach growled , sounds like their meal on a nearby planet , which also Frieza's , wasn't enough either. He looked around, he doubt there are food around here . Darn it, he already destroyed everything in the village >( He crushed the head of a bug under his foot . Then sat down on a big tree root . The scouter suddenly rang, made Raditz fell off the root , he quickly clicked the button .

" REPORT ! " Vegeta's voice sounded like he was annoyed . No doubt it was Nappa .

" easy , easy ! Everything is under control here , i blasted the crap out of the strange creatures living here ... " he replied

" Good, not bad for a low-class " Vegeta chuckled then suddenly shouted " NAPPA! STOP SINGING IN THE SCOUTER! "

Raditz laughed , those two can be very hilarious sometimes. Suddenly , something moved fast into the darker part of the forest. He blinked, then stood up to run after it .

Some figures standing on the trees , watching every moves of the saiyans.

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