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Default The curse of Torians

this is my first time with fan fictions, hope ya like it



He felt himself lying on a cold thing... maybe ...a table?... an ice berg? He didn't know for sure, but there was one thing : it was the coldest thing ever . He couldn't remember what happened to him, and why he couldn't even moved ..his head hurt , his muscles were like they were all paralyzed

He sensed some... people standing around him , he wasn't sure about this either , but he could hear them talking . Their voices sounded like some one was choking their throat . And their language , he had never heard before.

He forced his eyes to open < come on.... just...a little... >

As he could see something, he tried to focus on anything he saw . Everything were blurry and dark, there were indeed some figures standing around , looking down at him. One of them said something , then one of the figures standing on his left put it's cold and disguisting hand on him, whispered something , his body felt weaker...and weaker... until he couldn't control his eyes anymore, everything started fading...

darker ...

and darker....


His eyes opened, clouds were floating slowly on the light purple sky . Wind flown through yellow leaves on the tree , through the tall grasses ,which looked more like spears growing from the ground, around him . He was wearing a battle armor, actually, it was what he wear everyday ; putting both his arms behind his head ,his eyes staring at the sky.

Suddenly, between the grasses, a rabbit-like creature , except it had red fur, 6 legs , 3 black eyes and a fox tail , The rabrut ran fast out of it's nest underground . He lazily rolled his eyes to focus it , today's meal had been decided .And with a blink of an eye


The poor creature laid dead on the ground, it was toasted . He stood up with a bored face, killing a little animal would never made him feel good. Even if he killed a thousand of those things . He wagged his tail while walking toward the toasted rabrut . But before he could pick it up, 2 figures jumped fast and stole it from him. He was so surprised , but was also conscious enough to jump one step backward and stood in his fighting stance. he turned on his scouter , it beeped and two familiar power level appeared on it. But that only made him angrier .

One of the figures , who was holding his meal , laughed " hahahahahah , Raditz~! you are as pathetic as always "

The other one , who is a very tall and muscled , also laughed along " Vegeta , we ought ta do that again ! "

" shut it , Nappa, who said you can speak ?! " Vegeta snapped at the tall saiyan .

Raditz growled . he had known those two for a very long time, they had been comrades since they were teenage. Well, actually only him and Vegeta were at teen age. Nappa was an aldult , basically, Nappa was the best example for a saiyan : tall, muscled , impatient, no brains, and probably many other things that Raditz never wished to know. It was kinda sucks that such a huge saiyan like Nappa and him had to obey Vegeta, the shortest in his gang. But it can't be helped. Vegeta was too strong , and he also was the prince of all saiyans, well, at least until Vegeta-sei was destroyed. Nappa also realized that, so he decided to blindy follow every single order Vegeta would give him, and bully Raditz . But Raditz is different, he decide his own path , yet he still obeying Vegeta, or else ...

But they stole his meal, it wasn't hard to get, but he had been very starving , the last time he ate something was a week ago.Why? BECAUSE THOSE BADSTARDS ALWAYS STEAL HIS FOOD ! He thought he was lonely out here since they had missions , he was wrooooong , so damn wroooong .

" why are you here?! " he frowned " AND GIVE ME BACK MY LUNCH !!! "

" this is your lunch? don't make me laugh again , then why it wasn't in your hand " Vegeta mocked while swinging the rabrut left to right in front of Raditz.

The long haired saiyan gulped to prevent himself from drooling . He then charged at Vegeta , but as always, he was kicked away . His body smashed hard on the ground , damn that kick on the face was so hard , he grinded his teeth .

" fine! have it ! " He shouted as he stood up and spitted out blood from his mouth , quickly regained his cool.

Vegeta's face turned serious, he threw the creature aside . " Frieza gave us new mission . "

The speaking of Frieza destroyed the good atmosphere they were having . Frieza, the ruthless thing that called himself the garlactic overlord ( say that with funny voice XD ) that they have to obey . It brought them the gross just by thinking of that lizard .

" what is it? " Nappa grinned , oh yes, he loves missions

" as usual, take over a planet , this time is one called Toria . According the information i got , it's will take at least 1 month " Vegeta sat down on a rock behind him " and it's very large. So we must split up when we get there, to make things faster . I don't want to hear any ****ing complain or mocking about timing from that lizard and those two with him. "

" Are you sure? i don't think our little crying-baby Raditz will agree to go alooone " Nappa grinned while saying with amusing voice

Raditz grunted " you said it will take 1 month, then why not get your butts to the ships now!? " He ignored his screaming-for-food stomach , he wasn't in the mood to eat after they made fun of him anyway. He walked without waitng for the others .

Vegeta was surprised, Nappa was always the one who never wait, he chuckled and also stood up .

After a while, 3 space pods flew out of the planet's atmosphere.....

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