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Posted 11-10-2011 at 03:58 AM by Vegeta (still stinky world but may get better)

im sleepy and i dont like being sleepy so early >< maybe because i slept for 4 hrs and had to be out of 9 hrs i feel exhausted forget sleepy
took my dads gf to court today we set up there for bout two and a half hrs and one guy decided to be an idiot to the judge and he was 19 yrs old so the judge was goin to send him to jail but they got the problem resolved he better be thankful of his sister is all i gotta say
i hate driving long hrs >< especially...
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Back for another blog

Posted 11-10-2011 at 02:33 AM by SSJ Bardock

Hey guys I'm just having fun. Rite So I find out from the girl I like that a girl I barely know likes me rite so I'm like a barely know her. The girl I like has a jerk Bf so i have no shot. So I go to the skating rink then my idoit friends ask her out for me when I didn't want to yet. She says yes I'm all happy next day we texting and she just randomly breaks up with me. I also just got punched in the balls 20 minutes before. Im like "Thanks you jerks she just broke up with me" I was steamed...
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The legend of zelda!

Posted 11-09-2011 at 11:28 PM by Kit-Kat 0513

You guysssss!!!!!!! yesterday I got my first Legend Of Zelda game!!!! IM SOOO HAPPY! now I'll get to see what I've been hearing about from everyone.... now I must try to defeat the game.... I'll be hard but I'll have fun trying to beat It though.... so yeah Imma be playing It for awhile....so bye!
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New plan of action..

Posted 11-09-2011 at 04:32 PM by Lelouch (The Black Knights)

Less playing pokemon and more reading and job hunting

This is where my other side comes out and tells me that pokemon needs to be 100% completed by christmas
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It's a funny feeling at the top.

Posted 11-09-2011 at 12:05 PM by KozaKuraHaiNe (the thing)

Well, then. I'd never think there would come a day where I would actually write these words.

...I got first in class..?

Oh whoa! I never thought I would get it! I've been telling all my friends about genuinely contending for the number one spot in class, but it was all talk. I've always been living under the impression that number one will always belong to somebody else, somebody that isn't me. But now, I guess that number one spot can be achieved by someone like me!...
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