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not much of a wonderful world anymore but well still a place to rant and moap around dadidada
its starting to get better but most likely go down hill fast
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list of my ocs

Posted 05-29-2012 at 11:48 PM by Vegeta
Updated 04-08-2015 at 01:18 AM by Vegeta

because i ran out of room under my sig and it being a pain in the rear to update saying i have to many lines lol and it wont even let me get rid of them how weird anyway heres a list of my ocs so that i can put a link of em instead of having so many there
oc guild characters: skanda, varuna,
my kumush characters: Ehacati, icarus, hermes, daedalus, and naga podoha, diamond(rune wolf),
cat saiyans: lauranalanthhalasa aka lauran for short and hiddukel, sargas
other: cyan(demon), bruno proffit(water elf), saxon, kishi, hunter, takato, seth(wolf), Talos (dragon), Marcus, Troy,
surpressed: billy and joe(twins),
jedi: tarash bardak,
quadtriplets princes: bharata, lakshmana, and rama, krishna,
ages characters: oliver, Ghost (Olivers albino horse), saabira, vabe, yael, ma-kun, sunako, sakiia, nukon, miles, Amako Tsunehisa, Logan(vampire,dragon(air and water), (Kainan, Dabert, Safak, Wahib, Rabi,(werewolves)), Layla, Buli, Eliek (triplets), Cerberus, Furia, Yuki, Aron (dragon), Talos (cantaur kid different character), Kalkin (cantaur Talos uncle), inga (cantaur Kalkins mate), Barnabas (dragon), Abasiata,
sacred forest and rei forest:ff, cait, mil,
Seventh Senctum: dakota solomon, zeke solomon (twins)
Jansai: Zoe, Naomi, Rufus, Zebedee
gimokoden: Milo
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