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12-31-2009, 12:26 PM
Name: Katana

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 163cm

Weight: 40kg

Species: Ninja

Appearance: Have long but spiky hair which fall downwards. Skin color is brown. Wears a tank top and short shorts.

Personality: Playful, funny, fun-loving, flirty, short-tempered, respect everyone's pride.


1. Dark blast: Forms dark colored orbs in her hand and it's power depend on the size of the orbs.

2. Darkness world: Forms a dimensonal world for a short period of time, where her power becomes much more than usual. She can use it for only once in a day.


1. Martial arts: Knows all kinds of martial arts.

2. Teleportation: Can teleport from one place to another (still to be mastered)

3. Invisibility: Can become invisible for one minite in 1 hour (can increase the time by practising)


1. Sword

2. Kunai

3. Shuriken

Biography: she is a cheerful girl. she lived in a small town near a sea with her mother. one day she went out of the town to do some work. when she returned she saw that the town has got drowned. through some people she learnt that it was because of a great tsunami. she starved and cried for one week till a young man escorted her but he treated her very badly. one day she murdered him and took everything with her. she has no destination. she always travel from place to place to survive. no one knows her true identity.

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You need some bio to your character. A little more than just that.

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