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Sleeping Darkness
12-15-2009, 10:42 PM
Did you read the rules?:Off course

Did you looked if this character was free?:kinda O.o

Name: Daiku


Gender: Male

Height: 1.70M

Weight: 80KG

Spieces :Sayian

Class: Sayian Traitor


Personality: A Good natured Guy
loves training and fighting to enlarge he's limits
loves helping others and protecting weak pepole

KamehameHA(charging Ki into your hands and than shooting it all in one blast)
Ki Punch(charging Ki into He's Fist making it 10 Times as strong)

Kaioken(increases speed and Strength as well as Ki power)
Kaioken times 2-5(increases strength and speed and Ki even more with every level)


Biography:he was one of the few survivors of planet vegeta's destruction
after he and he's best friend left the planet for a mission
a few years after the buu saga in the DBZ timeline
Daiku and he's best friend visit earth
when a wierd monster comes and kills Daiku who finds himself in front of king yenma
king yenma explains to him that by going away from the path of a monster sayian he became a good person and allows him to visit king kai
king kai teaches him a lot after he goes through snake way twice(one to king kai and the second back to earth)
he's friend finds him and they face the monster again
he's friend dies in combat but Daiku avenges him
he's friend requested not to be ressuracted until he believes he has the strength to repay origashi and so Daiku goes on he's own path
one day he meets goku
he senses the great ki Energy he has and challanges him
only to be beaten by goku who barely began to warm up
Daiku uses the first ability he learned from King kai the kaioken whitch fails so he goes for kaioken times 5 whitch also fails
after that goku explains that he is too strong and teaches Daiku the Kamehameha Wave Technique
Daiku thanks him and leaves
after that he finds out he is stranded as he's ship was destroyed in the battle with the monster he stays and keeps training

12-15-2009, 11:36 PM