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06-20-2009, 09:55 PM
Did you read the rules?: Yes.

Did you looked if this character was free?: I checked. Also, this is an original character.

Name: Alice Rentrer

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6"0'

Weight: 190 lbs.

Race: Demi-God

Class: Lieutenant Keeper of the 9th level of Hell

Appreance: Deep jade eyes holding white slitted pupils. Slender hands with sharpened nails that have abyss black nail polish on them. A thin yet muscular body, wearing a raven black suit with out the shirt underneath. Long silver hair that reaches past his shoulders, with ivory bangs. He has a gauge piercing in his right ear with a lock going through the gauge hole. On part of his chest, part of his left arm, right leg, part of his back, and very little on his cheek, there is kanji, that writes out prayers of death. There are two scars near his shoulderblades from his wings revealing and retracting from his body. The canines of his teeth are sharpened to an extreme.

Personality: Very quiet and usually does not speak unless spoken to. When asked something, only asnwers the question and will not say anything further or explain unless the person talking asks for it. (((((all i can think of @ the moment)))))

Toxic Guardian -- Vampire-like form that puts up a barrier made of toxins that burn off skin and armor when touched.
Demi-God Tranformation -- fully transforms into his Demi-God form.
--Relys on speed, agility, and intelligence to overcome enemys. Powers used by Soul Magic, which use the energy from his soul. Also uses normal attacks with sword. (Slashing, cutting, etc.)

Bodhisattva Blade
Katana of Atonement

Biography: Alice Rentrer is the older brother of Kaoru Ohba. Alice has more control over his soul abilities than his brother, hence (Alice) does not go beserk. He has not gained all powers for his transformed body, so he was made the Lieutenant of the 9th level of Hell, his brother Kaoru is the captain. Alice came to the human world to as a mission to keep track of the people living, and to be able to train for his new abilities in the human world...

Learning new abilty's:
Pyro Obliteration Spark -- starts as a small spark from the hand, then explodes covering a 3 mile raduis.
Life's Illusion -- reveals to opponent how they die, (only) leaving them in a temporary state of shock to where they cannot move.
Soul Constriction -- When it hits the body makes part of the body goes numb depending where it hits.

06-20-2009, 10:10 PM
looks good just one thing
Soul Constriction -- Makes opponents body go numb and slowly eats away at their organs.

if that would happend it would cause someone to die and we cant have that so change that and il aprove it