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Name: Sai

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height:172.1 cm

Weight: 53.3 kg

Race: Human



Personality: When first introduced, Sai was distinguished by total lack of emotion which he often masks with a false, cheerful, yet transparent facade. After much mental conditioning and training while in Root, Sai had suppressed almost all of his emotions, laying all of his loyalty to whoever commands him, and thus making it easier for him to accomplish dangerous, unpleasant, or unethical missions. Due to this training, both his own lack of social experience and personal initiative cause for Sai to have great trouble in understanding how bonds and friendships between people can motivate others. He often showcases this confusion after thinking about why Naruto would go so far to save Sasuke, even though Naruto had not been ordered to do so.

Sai is also very observant, and is always focused on his missions. He pays much attention to detail, allowing him to notice if something is not as it appears or should be, as shown from how he easily sees through Yamato's tricks.

Sai is also talented artist, but his lack of feelings prevents him from ever titling his work. His lack of social skills and obviously false outer mask frequently causes conflict between Sai and Team Kakashi, and he often makes the mistake of insulting the other members in an attempt to seem sociable. He tries to seem more compassionate by smiling, though his teammates come to dislike it due to his obvious insincerity.

After spending more time with his team, Sai comes to appreciate bonds, particularly the bond that exists between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. After spending more time with Team Kakashi, Sai eventually begins to break out of his emotionless shell and starts to remember the ties he had with his own "brother." In doing so, Sai was able to start giving genuine smiles. Wanting to experience personal bonds for himself, Sai sets out to make as many friends as he can. However, since he is learning most of this out of books and by trial and error, he often accidentally ends up offending people with his nicknames and conversation. He has come to develop his own, more pleasant, and thoughtful personality, while showing signs of more emotion, such as enthusiasm and occasionally nervousness. After his first time with Team Kakashi, Sai is seen being friendly towards others, helping companions when they need it, referring to peers kindly, and having fun in social situations.

Abilities:/Attacks: (Put together-not sure how to seperate sai's...xD)
* Ink Clone Technique
* Ink Mist Technique
* Ink Transport Technique
* Super Beasts Imitation Picture

Items/Weapons:Paintbrush/scrolls, kunai

Biography: One of many nameless orphans recruited into Konoha's secret branch of the ANBU, Root, Sai was raised and conditioned to have no personality or personal connections. The name "Sai" is given to him for the purposes of joining Team 7. His actual name is currently unknown, even to himself. Sai was recruited as the newest member of Team Kakashi by Danzo, the commander of Root, to join Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno as a replacement for Sasuke Uchiha after his defection from Konoha.

During his time among Root, Sai met Shin, an older member of the same organization who took a liking to Sai's drawing ability. Over time, Sai came to think of Shin as an older brother and looked up to him. Eventually, his "brother" died of an unnamed illness, and Sai's Root training suppressed most of the memories he had for his brother. Before Shin's death, Sai was making a picture book that would depict all the opponents that they faced and illustrate the feelings that they shared for each other. Sai's and Shin's portraits are located at opposite ends of the book, and in the center pages would be a picture of both him and his brother holding hands. Shin died before Sai could complete the book, but on their mission to save Sasuke, Sai noticed that Naruto's face reminded him of Shin, and so while they were there Sai finished the picture.

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You need to add the describtions to the Jutsu's before i can approve.
But otherwise it's good.

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-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Choujuu Giga (Super beast imitation drawing)
-Description of Jutsu: After he has a drawing in his scroll, Sai can make a certain hand seal and give his drawings life. The drawings obey Sai’s will and can be used for any purpose.

-Name of Jutsu: Sumi bunshin no jutsu (Ink clone technique)
-Description of Jutsu: Simple. This is a jutsu that uses ink to create a clone of the user. After the clone is hit it melts down and becomes ink.

-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Buki Giga (Super weapon imitation drawing)
-Description of Jutsu: Similar to the ‘Choujuu Giga’, Sai draws some kind of weapon and makes a single hand seal. The weapon then comes to life. It cannot really move on it’s own. It just becomes real.

-Name of Jutsu: Sundan
-Description of Jutsu: This is a Taijutsu attack that Sai uses in close range. He uses his short sword that lays on his back for this attack. After his opponent is is close enough, Sai takes out his sword in one swift move, at that same moment Sai cuts one of his opponents nerves. It can be any nerve, arm, leg, and even neck. After making his opponent unable to use that nerve he cuts his opponent’s chest in an X shaped cut.

-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Sumi Bakushinchi no jutsu (Ink explosion center)
-Description of Jutsu: This is a Ninjutsu technique Sai uses. Sai takes special ink he made. It’s an explosive ink that explodes when Sai makes his hand seal. First, he writes words or time on the scroll. Then he makes a hand seal and the words become little animals like mice or snakes. If the writing was a scroll Sai can control the time when those animals will explode, but if the writing is time, the animals will explode after that time passed. This jutsu is good for defense and it’s also good for attacks.

-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Sumi Bakuha (Ninja art: ink blast)
-Description of Jutsu: Sai cuts his finger and makes some blood drip on one of his scrolls. Then, he takes out some of his explosive ink and draws a line over the blood. After, he makes a singe hand seal, making the blood and ink crawl out of the scroll to cover any weapon, most of the times, his katana. Then, the blood that was spelt on the scroll and mixed with the ink, makes him control the explosions the ink may create. After that was made, with eat swing of his katana, Sai can charge an explosion to any place he wants. The blast may be created in a very long range, after the swing is made, the ink can turn into little animals or even mix up with the air, to explode somewhere far away from Sai so that he won’t get hurt. 3 blasts may be created with his katana, and 7 with a normal kunai.

-Name of Jutsu: Raionzukurabu no Jutsu (Lions club technique)
-Description of Jutsu: Using his ink explosion technique, Sai draws 5 lions with his explosive ink. After that, he makes his hand seal to give them life. So far it was only his ink explosion jutsu, after he usus it, he makes 5 more and seals, 5 different ones, one for each lion. Then, the lions turn big or small, but have the exact same amount of explosive power. They charge onto the target, and the minute Sai detonates them, a huge explosion is created. This is a complicated technique that is only used in danger matters. It is another long range Ninjutsu technique that Sai possesses.

-Name of Jutsu: Sumi no Dokusatsu (Ink poisoning)
-Description of Jutsu: After making one of his animals come to life, Sai makes a hand seal to make the ink poisonous. He then orders the ink animals to attack, and once the ink touches the body, the poison is taking affect. Sai isn’t a poison specialist so the poison in the ink is a normal poison that will kill the target in 24 hours. At first it seems like nothing is wrong, but the poison only makes it way to the internal organs to harm them. Up to the point the poison reaches the heart, and then the target would probably die.

-Name of Jutsu: Hade no Jutsu (Gay technique)
-Description of Jutsu: This is a simple Genjutsu technique Sai developed after seeing Konohamaru’s kage bunshins interact. After making a single hand seal, the Genjutsu is cast and makes the target believe that next to Sai appears a partner, Sasuke. The target sees that both are naked and laying on one another while kissing. Or, Sai turns into a pretty girl and next to him appears another girl, both naked, laying on one another while sharing a kiss. Depends on the gender of his target. That Genjutsu creates confusion and distraction, while Sai becomes free to hide, or attack the target.

-Name of Jutsu: Tosou wa no inku no jutsu (Ink coating technique)
-Description of Jutsu: This is a Ninjutsu technique that Sai created himself. After he creates one of his ink animals he orders them to attack the target. But, this jutsu isn’t for harming, after the animal touches the target, no matter where, the ink falls apart and covers the body of his target. Right before the ink animal would touch the target, Sai makes a seal for the ink to fall apart and cover the target. Since he controls the ink animal, and it covers the body of his target, Sai can control his target. This technique takes out much chakra and that’s the reason why Sai almost never uses it to cover the whole body of his target, only the hands, to prevent hand seals, or the legs to make his target walk to the place he wants it. This is a long ranged technique since the animals come out of Sai’s scroll and are controlled by him from a long range.

-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Sumi no Genkaku (Ninja art: Ink illusion)
-Description of Jutsu: Using his memory and his amazing artistic skills, Sai can draw anyone he has met before. Using his ability of making his drawing come to life, Sai can make the character he draws become real. After adding some hand seals, that character would be able to talk and walk on its own, similar to his ink clone. That character obeys Sai’s will and talks the way he wants it to. It can impersonate the voice Sai has heard and it’s created to distract people, or fool them. Unlike the Genjutsus, this character becomes real, and people fall for it easily, up to the moment they see that the character isn’t excectly like the true person, since Sai can’t be the character, but only draw and control it, it isn’t similar to the real person it’s supposed to be.

-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Sumi no tama (Ninja art: ink shot)
-Description of Jutsu: A Ninjutsu technique Sai has developed. He cuts his finger, and dips it in his ink. After the finger has been covered with the ink, and the blood has touched the ink, Sai does a seal. The wound absorbs the ink and the blood. The seal molded chakra to the ink, and to Sai’s blood. The ink is then stored in Sai’s finger. He can then mold his chakra to his finger at any time and shoot the ink at his opponent. The ink does nothing, but is it released in a great speed, due to the seal and the chakra. This technique may be deadly when used with Sai’s explosive or poisoned ink.

-Name of Jutsu: Unnamed(Seen in the manga and anime)
-Description of Jutsu: Sai makes a seal with one of his hands. After the seal is made, Sai's ink spins around him for a few seconds. That jutsu makes Sai to disappear into an unknown location, much like Kakashi's poofing. This jutsu is made for fleeing and for fast location shifting.

-Name of Jutsu: Ninpou: Kagirinai yajuu no jutsu (Ninja arts: art of unlimited beasts)
-Description of Jutsu: This is Sai’s most powerful jutsu. It is used as a last resurt and it is very powerful. It consumes a lot of chakra. Sai summons a scroll, not an ordinary scroll, but a huge scroll. That scroll contains a drawing of a dragon. As it is known, Sai can change the size of any of his small drawings into a size that is way larger. That means, this dragon drawing is huge, once it is summoned. The dragon cannot be destroyed with simple attacks. It is made out of a massive amount of ink and due to its size, almost nothing can destroy it. The only thing that might destroy this dragon is Sai’s will or a massive attack that takes almost the same size, like, summon of some sort. The dragon simply dashes at the target Sai wishes to be attacked and it simply eats it. The dragon’s claws are very sharp and any target would be fatally injured when coming in contact with it, unless the target wears some special kind of armor. Thanks to the dragon’s size it is almost impossible for Sai to control so; it can only stay in the field for one attack on someone. It stays in the field for between one minute to five, depends on Sai’s ability to concentrate at the moment of the attack and then it becomes simple ink that drops from the sky.

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Aprovved .