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12-09-2009, 07:25 AM
Yes i have read the rules
And This is my character i made last year nd has been using since then

Name: CHisato Suzaku

Age: doesnt know guessing around 16-18 for around a few hundred years

Gender: Male

Height: 4'9 2/3rds

Weight: 105lb

Spieces :cat/bat/vampire demon

Class: he's a wonderer, really depends on the rpg,

Appreance:http://www.animeforum.org.uk/picture.php?albumid=1084&pictureid=10783the only problem is that i never drew the tail or the bet wings.

Personality: He's a person who needs to mature, he doesnt think before he does anything but hes a kid at heart, but he knows what right from wrong. But when he's in fighting mood or if he's angry he's not someone you want to mess around with

Attacks: O.o i have never really thought about it
he "scratches and slashes people in half killing them instantly

he can fly
he can heal
keen senses

Items/Weapons: a scythe , claws fangs

Biography: Chisato was born in the 1500's his mother Jesalyn Nekomata who was a cat demon and his father Akira Suzaku was a bat demon {and omg i just realised that rhymed XD) he grew up ad a normal human only he was alone most of his life because of his abnormal haor and eye color he was shunned as a child. at the age of 16 he was turned into a vampire by his once lover Jun Inukami who then after turning Chisato dissapeared. Chisato then fell asleep for a couple hundred years and woke up in our time period un aware that Jun srill lurkes out there.

Learning new abilty's: N/A for now

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perm .aprovved
though your pic isnt showing try to fix that please
(wil remain open til the pic get fixed )

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how do i get the picture up its from my d.a. account and for some reason its not working?

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alright pic is working now :D