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Delquea Angelo
12-09-2009, 03:47 AM
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Name: Arale Norimaki

Age: 0 (appear as a 8 year old, Assumed to be 13)

Gender: Female (in reality Genderless)

Height: 3'3

Weight: 89lbs

Species: Android

Class: Ultimate Creation of Senbei Norimaki

Appreance: http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg21/Jade-Delquea/Arale12.jpg

Personality: Highly Energetic and very naive

Attacks: Arale Kick: an ability where Arale simply runs after her target and does a double flying kick.

Earth-Splitter: an ability where Arale punches the ground beneath her, causing the planet to split in half. The Earth-Splitter is used for comic relief rather than as an offensive technique.

Headbutt: an ability where Arale lunges upward at her airborne target, headbutting the foe in the torso with very powerful force. This technique is capable of sending the average person flying for hundreds of miles.

Kiiin!: a "technique" where Arale runs at extreme speeds of up to 500 miles per hour, while shouting 'kiiin', onomatopoeic for the sound of a speeding airplane.

Transformation: a "technique" that Arale uses to "transform" into her "alter-ego", Ultra-Man. She demonstrates this ability by turning on a flashlight and saying "Ultra-Man! Schwaaa!" before changing her clothes into a spandex superhero jumpsuit, and then repeating "Schwaaa!"

Watermelon/Pumpkin Cannon: a "technique" that Arale uses several times as a prank on on Senbei. She loads a cannon with a pumpkin or a watermelon and fires it at her target, usually wearing a kunoichi outfit while doing so.

N'cha!: Arale's secret weapon. N'cha! is a very powerful beam shot from the mouth. To use it, Arale takes a deep breath before yelling out her signature greeting, 'n'cha' (or another greeting, on a rare occasion) very loudly. Though this is devastating, using it repeatedly, or when low in battery power, can drain her energy supply and render her immobile.

Abilities: Being a Android, Arale have amazing strength to where she can throw boulders as if they were mere pebbles. Her running speed is 500mph *later proven to be 827mph*. Very tough to break and can even take on strong attacks right in the face which only cause her glasses to break.

Items/Weapons: none

Biography: Arale Norimaki is created at the home laboratory of the famous Senbei Norimaki. As Senbei begins to take Arale into the outside world as early as the day she is created where she is posed as a 13 year old girl, he often poses as the girl's brother or father, depending on who Senbei is speaking to. The Norimaki family begins to grow when Arale and Senbei discover an egg when they travel to the past. The egg hatches into a small winged creature that they name "Gadzilla" or "Gatchan" for short. Later in the manga, Senbei marries Midori Yamabuki, and they have a child named Turbo. Eventually the family grows once again when Gatchan inexplicably splits into two separate entities earlier in the series.

A comic relief that appeared in many volumes and episodes of Dr. Slump, Arale, having been designed as a child, complains about not having a "big enough chest", a desire which Senbei declines to fulfill. Her disappointment in this may allude to Arale's inheritance of some of the perversion of her maker. She also tends to lift her shirt with no regard; doing so on one occasion simply to gesture as she asks Senbei if she can launch rockets from her chest.

Learning new abilty's: *I need a mod to explain this for me*

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