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Name: Kisha Kamizhuka (Kima)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft8 (1.72m)

Weight: 58KG

Spieces: Human

Class: Chuunin


Personality: Kisha is a laid back girl who only fights when it's necessary. She is mostly quiet but when she's around friends she is quite talkactive. When she have to fight, she prefers to keep in distance. But if she's forced to a close combat she's quite feisty.


* Mushi no jutsu (creates an illusion of insects)
* Yami no mushou (nightmare illusion)
* Kappena no jutsu (manipulates the opponent to believe he is somewhere else)
* Lightning Whip (after doing necessary handsigns she's able to create lightning in her hand and use it as a whip)


* Chugon (mind reading)
* Basic healing

* Shuriken
* Kunai
* Katana - Eguon

Summoning: Yushinta (a large yellow fox)

Kisha's mother died when she was 2 years old during a mission. Kisha grew up with her father and 2 year older brother were trained by their father who masters genjutsu, which is the Kamizhuka clan's speciality. She is trained to have a calm overview of a battle situation and take things calmly. Kisha's hair was originally long, but during a hardtime practice she cut it off because it was in the way all the time.
On her 6th birthday she received her katana, Eguon, a katana made special for her by the clan's blacksmith.

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