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Name: Akashiya Moka

Age: 16

Gender: female

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Spieces : monster

Class: vampire

Appreance: Moka and Inner Moka

Personality: Cheerful and positive, Moka's naturally good looks have also gotten the attention of all the males in Yokai Academy (as well as problems with a few of the females). Though good natured, she possesses a bit of naiviety that sometimes draws her into problematic situations. While initially distrustful of humans, she eventually grows to care for the only human on campus, Tsukune. Her bond with him grows stronger over time, even to the point that Tsukune begins allowing her to ingest his blood without protest, just so she remains healthy. When it appeared at one point in the story that Tsukune would be expelled, Moka stated she would rather drop out and go with him, because she could not bear the thought of being separated from him. However, this attraction is not without jealousy, as it pains her to see other female students attempt to win his heart.

When the rosario around her neck is removed (originally, only Tsukune could remove the rosary, however Moka has been able to release it once on her own power, though it has potentially fatal side-effects), the seal that keeps her true nature is released, transforming Moka into a "super-vampire". Aside from the physical changes to her body (silver hair and slit pupils), her inner vampiric personality also emerges. This cold and reserved "inner Moka" is deeply aristocratic and arrogant, and looks down on all creatures, a completely different entity from the "outer Moka". She would even go as far as to specifically remind Tsukune to "be kind to the other Moka". She also possesses much knowledge of the other types of monsters that attend Yōkai Academy, as well as applying her knowledge to help Tsukune, despite any difficulty presented to him.

While disdainful of Tsukune and his attempts to assist her, despite him being a human, the unsealed Moka states her personal interest in protecting him is due to his human blood, a source of nourishment for her body, and to keep the sealed Moka happy. Over the course of the series, the "inner Moka" begins to take far more activity in keeping him safe, becoming increasingly violent the more Tsukune is in peril.

Attacks: Moka doesn't really like to fight, but Inner Moka kicks

Abilties: n her super-vampire state, Moka possess superhuman strength, superhuman speed, incredibly agile reflexes and regenerative properties. Classified as an S-Class yōkai, she is one of the strongest monsters at Yōkai Academy. Even in her sealed state, Moka has access to this tremendous vampiric strength (seen when she blindly shoves people away), though she prefers to be more laid back and rarely uses all her strength. As well, while the "inner Moka" is sealed, she can communicate with Moka via the rosario, imparting both knowledge and warnings.

Because she is a vampire, Moka needs blood to function daily. As a result, she will usually attempt to take a bite on Tsukune's neck, and only his, as she claims his blood is the sweetest. However, her fondness for Tsukune's blood has escalated into a physical need. If she goes too long without blood, Moka's strength sharply declines and suffers fainting spells. Regardless, she can still ingest other food and drinks, with tomato juice being the alternative to blood.

Like most vampires in traditional folklore, Moka has a weakness for silver and crosses, but her greatest vulnerability, or any vampire in general, is water. Due to its purifying properties, it has an adverse effect on her, rendering her immobile. However, it is interesting to note that herbal water does not carry this effect (seen when she made breakfast for Tsukune). In her unsealed state Moka is held back from utilizing the full extent of her abilities. Oddly enough, sunlight has no effect on her.

One unique ability Moka can utilize is physically injecting her blood into another through her fangs. Not only will the receiver regenerate any wound on their body, but may temporarily transform into a vampire as physically strong as a super-vampire. The downside to this is diminished strength, upon successful transfer into the host's body, as Moka needs to recuperate the lack of blood in her system. However, this ability is, in itself, incredibly dangerous: constant injection will slowly damage the host's body, perhaps even killing the host.

Biography: Moka Akashiya was originally known as the Inner Moka when she was a child. Later on as she grew up, her father gave her the rosario, making the real Moka, become her inner personality. She is the first person Tsukune met when he first set foot in the monster realm. Exceptionally sweet and kind, Moka is a vampire, and she takes a liking to Tsukune, after ingesting his blood, and seems to get addicted on doing so. In addition, she also has the ability to inject her own blood into another; doing so on Tsukune grants him temporary powers comparable to Moka's unleashed strength, though the process eventually begins to break Tsukune's body down. When the rosario on her chest is removed, the seal that keeps her true nature is released. Cold and arrogant, the inner Moka is a completely different entity from the kind-loving Moka, even going so far as to specifically remind Tsukune to "be kind to the other Moka". It is revealed in an omake that she loves tomato juice, but much prefers Tsukune's blood.

Moka is a sweet and kind-hearted vampire, and the first to befriend Tsukune Aono, the human, who was somehow accepted into a school of monsters, and despite the danger it entails for him, he remains on campus, with one of his motivations for staying being Moka.

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