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Characters Name: Riian Fiinikkusu [never had a surname but gave herself one]

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5"7'

Weight: 9st.

Class: (Secretly Vaizard) Shinigami ; Sanbantai Taicho. (3rd Squad Captain)

Personality: Riian doesn't like to rely on anyone or tell anyone anything. She's very shy yet if shes provoked she can get really angry very quickly. She isn't afraid of anyting other than spiders.

Kido attacks;
Six bars of light
Shot of red fire
White Lightening
Blue Fire

Abilty's: Shunpo (flash step)

Items/Weapons: Zanpaktou.
Shikai : Kusari Hihime (Chain fire princess) [command phrase = Show your face]
The zanpaktou hilt becomes Red and at the end of the hilt is a small chain that can extend to the users wishes, will not extend if is frozen so its weakness is Ice.
Bankai : Fiinikkusu (Phoenix) [command phrase = Awaken now]
Makes the users eyes go red, hair go silver-white and the Zanpaktou turns into a phoenix (bird of fire).
The users shunpo is also boosted even faster and the Phoenix's only weakness is Water.

Biography: A girl who's brother died when she was 14, he was a shinigami and was killed by an Arrancar, she was left a message from her brother which told her about Shinigami, he wanted her to become a shinigami and fufil what he couldn't. She died at the age of 15 and now she has done everything she could to get where she is now. She almost intantly made it into the Seireitei, her spirit power was so great and he control over Kido was amazing. by the age of 16 she was vice-captain of squad 3.
She went missing for a while ( to Urahara ) and gained Vaizard powers, she wanted to be able to avenge her brother and knew that was the only way to do it.
She came back and challenged her current captain of squad 3 for the captain title, after all the training she had, she beat him with what seemed a minimal effort.
So now at the age of 19 she is Captain of Squad 3 and is respected by many shinigami for her power.

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