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10-12-2009, 12:58 AM
name: Utau Hoshina Tsukiyomi

age: 15

height: 5'2 ft

weight: 97 lbs

gender: female

race: human

guardians: Il, El, X-Dia


transformations: Lunatic Charm, Seraphic Charm, Dark Jewel

-Lunatic Charm: Nightmare Lorelie, Dream Trident
-Seraphic Charm: Angel Cradle, White Wing
-Dark Jewel: Shining Jewel, Glitter Particle

biography: Utau is a 14-year-old junior high student model turned singing idol. Utau Hoshina is actually only her stage name, since her actual name is Utau Tsukiyomi, and is Ikuto's younger sister. She repeatedly tries to win her brother's affection, and thus becomes extremely agitated when she notices that Ikuto is interested in Amu Hinamori. However, she eventually becomes friends with Amu.

Utau was both independent artiste (with her hit Meikyuu Butterfly) and the vocalist of the indie band "Black Diamond", produced by her manager, Sanjo Yukari, as a method of using the CDs of their music to draw the eggs out of children and make them into X-Eggs. When the plan fell apart, Utau quit Easter Company with her manager and became a singer on her own, without Easter contracting her.

personality: Utau is a competitive person, who likes to sing from her heart. She can get pretty jelous when Ikuto and Amu are together.

10-12-2009, 01:00 AM
approved ... but wait amu has dia already so id unno about x dia cause there really isnt 2 dia's

10-12-2009, 01:10 AM
it was when dia was an x-egg. amu got depressed and so dia (who wasnt born yet) turned into an x-egg. then utau found it, and it hatched with utau, being called x-dia. later on amu was fighting utau and she turned to normal cause of amu's radiance.

10-12-2009, 01:11 AM
i know actually but still amu has dia back now so really x dia cant exist since they are one but wahtever

10-12-2009, 01:12 AM
its true but it's part of her transformations.. but she had to put it in

10-12-2009, 03:19 AM
yea i know whatever, we can let her and since this is rpg we can pretend this happened .. well anyways thread clsoed and moved