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10-10-2009, 09:18 PM
Did you read the rules?: Yes

Did you looked if this character was free?: Yes, it's an original character :D

Name: Zero Demetrius

Age: appears to be 19 (Really is about 500 years old, but constantly is being reborn)

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 125 pounds

Race: Phoenix

Class: Swordsman, martial artist, and rogue


Similar to this picture. Only has one dark yellow almost golden bang, and dark red eyes instead of green.

Personality: Care free about most things. Doesn't like to fight, but when he does, he fights to the death. He's extremely smart, and tries to come up with ways of settling disputes peacefully. Has a sense of humor. Cares about others more than himself. Also, is very friendly.

Attacks: When he becomes emotional and is in a near death situation, he can incinerate his enemies. (He does it almost unconsciously.) Normally he likes to use his fists, but he'll use his sword if he has to.

Abilty's: can heal himself after a battle extremely quickly.

Items/Weapons: Sword- named Heliotus, fists and feet

Biography: Doesn't know much about his own kind, and feels out of place most of the time. Since he's a Phoenix he doesn't really have a concept of family, and wants to know the meaning behind it. (They constantly are being 'reborn' and can take care of themselves from the day they are 'born' so they don't really have a concept of family.) Is a bit of a wanderer, since he doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere. Is trying to find a meaning to his existence.

Learning new abilty's: none yet

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