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Ryuusui Yasashii
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Ryuusui Yasashii

45 (Appears 20)





4th Division Squad Member

[His face looks similar to Tseng from the above picture. Obviously, his clothes are that of the Shinigami robes. The dot in the center of Tseng's forehead is not present on Yasashii's face.]
Yasashii does not appear as the usual member of Soul Society's Squad 4. Ryuusui Yasashii stands tall and proud with a fit and lean body. He bears no scars of battle and has an even, tanned complexion. Yasashii has sleek black hair that hangs lower than his shoulders. Squad-mates often mistake him for having blue hair because of the special way it tends to shine in both excessive sunlight as well as in the shadows. His eyes and his katana's hilt are both as blue as the clean seas. He wears the standard black Shinigami robes with the Squad 4's relief sash.

Despite his standing appearance, Yasashii has never seen himself as any better than the others around him. He has a deep respect for life and peace. He is rarely seen without a smile and has never shown anger to his classmates in the academy or his new squad-mates. Soul Society is his home and more so than himself, he seeks to improve the standard of living for the souls of Rukongai. Compassionate and wise beyond his years, he serves well as mediator.

Hadō 1 "Shō" (Thrust): Pushes the target away from the caster.
Incantation: None

Hadō 4 "Byakurai" (White lightning): Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.
Incantation: None

Bakudō 1 "Sai" (Restrain): Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
Incantation: None.

Bakudō 4 "Hainawa" (Crawling Rope): An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
Incantation: None.

Bakudō 8 "Seki" (Repulse): Creates a small round shield that repels and stuns whatever strikes it.

Zanpakutou - Shukujo Mizu (Lady of the Water)
Although he is unable to hear her words, Yasashii feels obligated to keep trying to connect with his precious zanpakutou. Oddly enough, he already refers to the blade as 'her' or 'she', even though he has never heard her speak. She longs to hear him speak her name.

Ryuusui Yasashii simply woke up one early morning in one of Rukongai's wealthier districts, #7. As a young boy he had to quickly learn how life would be spent there. He would either grow old and accomplish nothing or he would become a Shinigami and earn some status for himself. Unfortunately, neither option interested the boy. He always heard the local people talking down about the lower districts. "Those are for poorer souls, they must have been bad in their lives" or "Those are for hollows that have been sent here by Shinigami." These words were too cruel for young Yasashii. He quickly gathered what little he actually owned and ran to these lower districts. He shared what he could with his new friends and quickly went into self-imposed poverty.

Learning to rely on himself and believing in the general goodness of people's hearts, the boy became a man. There were recruiters for Seireitei year after year and Yasashii always refused. However, life is a cruel mistress and one winter, Yasashii learned that having friends comes at a cost. They scraped the bottom of the barrel for food and in the famine, several of his friends simply starved to death. Overcome with grief at his helplessness to help, he became inspired when the recruiter showed again. He stood with such strength and charisma. The only clean person in the district. The only one that helped. He came and he gave, ready to leave empty handed once more. Yasashii opened his mouth and spoke, now in his late twenties. "I want to give out food, too, Shinigami. I want the power to help. Please, take me with you." With a kind smile, the Shinigami recruiter nodded and offered his hand to Ryuusui Yasashii.

The young man excelled in many areas that he didn't think he would. His swordsmanship improved quickly and his ability in kidou matched. After only three short years in the Spiritual Academy, he graduated with his peers and was named a Shinigami. He specifically requested to enlist into the 4th Division.

Learning new abilties:
Yasashii's first order of business is to learn his Zanpakutou's name.

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