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Name: Rena Ryuugu (Real name is Reina.)

Age: 15-17 (never mentioned.)

Gender: Female

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Race: Human

Rena has orange hair which is short in the back and gets longer towards the front and has blue eyes. While at school she wears a sailor-style uniform that's blue with a yellow tie. When school is over or during the weekends she wears a white dress with two purple bows on it, blue wristbands, and a white beret. And is sometimes seen with a hooked machete.
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff64/Goldflower8/Anime%20and%20Roleplay%20peeps/Rena1.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i81/Son_Minto/Higurashi%20No%20Naku%20Koro%20Ni/Rena%20Ryuugu/Rena3.jpg

She has an obsession with things she perceives as cute—generally, these things are not considered cute by others. She has a habit of repeating words at the ends of sentences, most famously kana? kana? ("I wonder? I wonder?") and when finding something cute, she says Haū! Omochikaerī! ("Haū! I want to take it home!"). When in "Take it Home" mode, she comically becomes stronger and faster. Despite this disarming trait, Rena is shown to be amazingly observant and perceptive about the things around her. Rena might seem cute herself, people should be careful not to anger her as she becomes quite scary when angered. When she needs a weapon, she uses a large hooked machete.

No specified attack names, she just uses her weapons.

Very observant and perceptive.
"Take it Home" mode - When she see something she sees as cute, she becomes extremely stronger, faster, and cannot be stopped until she gets it.

Hooked Machete
Blade-Split Axe
Ironclad Cleaver

Rena transferred out of Hinamizawa when she entered grade school. It seems that she used to live in the Ibaraki Prefecture until a year before the story of 'Higurashi no Naku Koro ni', but was suspended from school a few weeks before she moved back to Hinamizawa; She had shattered all the windows in that school, and was taken to a neurologist who gave her some drugs and counseling. A specific word appeared servral times in her medical record - "Oyashiro-sama". She said that Oyashiro-sama stands by her bed every night and looks down at her. She moved to Hinamizawa shortly afterwords.
Rena was also confronted by her mother that she is planning to a divorce, and that she is pregnant with the baby of the man she met earlier when her mother took her to a movie.
Rena objected, after recovering from the shock, said that her father's house is her house, and she never wants her mother to go near it. She doesn't wants to see her mother again, and that she shouldn't call her "Reina" so familiarly.

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