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Name: Akane Ayami

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 157lbs

Race: Demon

Class: Chunnin

Appreance: Has dark brown hair with blonde bangs. Her one eye is deep red, and the other is her always active Kekkai Genkai, the Omniscient Eye. It is red in the center with pale blue veins and black whites.

Personality: Even though she is of the nonexistant Ayami clan, the demon clan of Gatsugature, she hates to fight. She lives in Konoha currently, but is apart of the Akatsuki. She's only violent when her bijou is released or her friends are put in danger. Sort of solitary.

Attacks: Chakra strings, "Song and Dance", Sound attacks, Hell jutsu

Abilty's: Omniscient Eye

Items/Weapons: katana, senbon, shuriken, kunai

Biography: Akane was born into the demon clan of the Ayami, and witnessed her own clan's demise as her village of Gatsugakure attack them in the dead of night. She ran from the village and ran into Hidan and Kakuzu on her way. She lived with them secretly until someone found her and she left. From there she fled to Sunagakure and meet Gaara. After killing a sensei, she once again fled, this time to Konohakure. She was taken in by the Third Hokage and lived in Konoha. She eventually left for the Akatsuki after being charged with the attempted murder of Sasuke Uchiha. She's been there ever since, but still travels back and forth between the organization and Konoha. Is bi-sexual and taken.

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uhm rest is pretty good tho can you write effects of the attacks and maybe ability?

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uhm rest is pretty good tho can you write effects of the attacks and maybe ability?
yeah yeah i can as soon as possible~