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Character details:

Name: Alaric 'Draco'

Pre-death age: 11

post-death age: 26

Height: 6ft1inch

Weight: 11st4lbs

race: Undead

Class: Cleanser

apearance picture (http://redcubes.deviantart.com/art/Charater-plan-135893635)

Twnty years prior... Alaric was born in a small village and aspired to become a well known and succesful tradesman. At the age of eleven, Alaric watched his parents skinned alive and finaly hanged, along with all his friends and his fellow village-folk. But Alaric didn't cry, he didn't shiver, he didn't even flinch when the evil wizard responsible for the masscre extended his hand to him. Alaric just stared at him. The next thing he knew, he was lying face down in a pool of blood, the wizard walking briskly away. The Dark energy from the wizards attacks began to gather at the only available source, Alaric. The dark energies rejuvinated him and brought him back to life. Alaric stepped over to his father's dead body and lifted the massive two-handed sword out of him. The sword has the name 'Draco' inscribed into it's blade. Alaric had lost nearly all memories due to the dark energy. He could only remember his first name, so he adopted the second name 'Draco.' He swore that day to find whoever had killed his home and taken his childhood, and slay him with his own sword...

Raise the Damned: Alaric is able to resurect the dead to fight for him, but only as long as he can consentrate souly on this. He can not move whilst using this attack.

Shadow spikes: Able to manipulate his dark enegy into spear to fire at his enemies, but this attack drains a large amount of his dark energy store.

Shadow heal: Healing through the dark arts, able to stop bleeding and heal spiritual damage. This hurts the non-undead though.

Demon form: With enough stored dark energy, Alaric can morph into a demon with imensce strenght. But due to the huge amount of dark energy released, this ability is likely to kill the user or destroy thier mind. It is impossible to return from demon form.

Alaric acts as a beackon for all dark energy, he can store dark energy to use as attacks or for his healing ability. This means he does not always have a sustainable source of energy.

Due that Alaric was revived by dark energy, any normal healing spells will damage him as much as they would heal any normal person.

The two-handed claymore wich he recovered from his fathers dead body. This weapon feeds of dark energy and is less powerful in the hands of someone other than Alaric

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