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*I've read the rules and checked it if it's free. I'm sure there won't be any other of mine.*

Name: Halo Capella (yes, he's always been my character)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 110ish lb

Race: Human

Class: Artist (?)

Appearance: I only have these for now, I'll get a better picture after. Halo pretty much has a jacket, t-shirt and blue pants. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. His skin's not pale or dark.

Athena (Human Form) has green hair and green eyes. her skin's more lighter than Halo's.

*don't worry, it's not his true story. this has been modified to fit the current role-play. * X3


Halogen "Halo" Capella was an earth-born boy who always enjoyed seeing his father's inventions when he was eight years old. From a place filled with people called Prism Peak City, one of the more populated places around somewhere in North America and well known for their closest mountain that has a peak looked like a transparent prism. His mother, Andrea worked as a bar maid on a close-by city-tavern; his elder sister, Corona was already a painter at her age; and his younger sister, Aurora was already an adorable little prankster. His father, Jacob always wanted his son to tell him what Halo wants to be in the future like how his sister did before. This took days for Halo's young mind to figure out a response. But at night, Halo was about to tell his dad about it at his laboratory before the incident happened.

Next morning, the laboratory was destroyed. The whole structure looks like it's disintegrated by a falling bomb from the sky. Halo searched around the debris and he found that his father's still alive. Halo woke him up and realized Jacob was in his last seconds. Jacob successfully delivered his last words, saying "...Don't give in to anyone, son. Don't give in..." One of his inventions was caught into Halo's attention. He found a pen that doesn't stroke ink. It's one of the inventions he's seen before but never knows what it does. It was the only thing found there so he kept it. That caused him to give his last response before his father's death, due to the pen he picked up. "I want to draw. ...draw comics!" There was no funeral, no public reaction. Only the family knew and they got in grave emotion. They had to keep it a secret because Jacob was known to make forbidden inventions. Lastly, they would never found out who is the cause of this situation.

Seven years after, Halo's drawing technique developed into Japanese style comic (Manga) due to particular interests and influences. Sudden events happened, such as out in the streets of Prism Peak City. He was walking out in the city one day, walking from an art store for supplies. He left himself off guard when a group of hoodlums grabbed him and abducted him for any cash or valuables. Halo somehow struggled and provoked violence in the situation. Aggravated them enough until one of them pulled out a knife with deep anger and struck him on the heart. That particular action caused all the street punks to flee from the arriving siren. Halo was found in the alleyway, and most of all pronounced dead.

Halo found himself at home again and thought to be found in a hospital. He was confused for the moment and realized the wound he gained doesn't exist anymore. His mother told him that she realized Halo has the power to Remove-Destiny. She's not surprised because due to his family line, each member supposed to have extraordinary abilities. His mother told him that his sisters also have abilities. Corona has the power to Change Fiction to Non-Fiction, text or visual creations alike. Aurora has the power to Remove Capacity, giving her literal Hammer space. His father's power is also revealed to him, allowing Jacob to Remove Spirits from Objects, which was a powerful ability. His mother always looked much younger than her age, because her power is Aging Removal. These abilities are secret and not taken lightly if shown in public. Nevertheless, Halo continued on his drawings.

Two years later, Halo gained the pen he found again after losing it for years as a birthday present. His family said they modified it to his liking. So far, the pen's default function is to transform to various forms such as a watch, cellphone or radio. Corona, with her powers added more forms, such as a laptop, sunglasses and even a human form. That shocked Halo because the human form is a green-haired green-eyed teenage girl (same as his age) who's selfless, naive like a child and would do anything for anyone-will-tell-her named Athena.

Andrea also showed him his personal artifact, which is shaped as a large disc-like ring and received on the time of birth or else evil spirits possess him. This indestructible artifact limits his powers and always activated for him only no matter the distance. Halo refused at first but second thoughts told him that he needs to monitor his powers, so he kept it. Corona applied it to within his T-shirt's layers to hide this non-encumbering object.

Even though Halo's an artist, his family still suggested him to go off for a journey away from his city to look for any other inventions his father made and due to his conditions (considered dead and have forbidden objects and abilities). Halo had to agree because Athena with accompany him to the outside world where he can still draw and fight off anyone who might be pursuing him.

*I don't know if you think Athena's considered a 2nd character or not. It's part of the story.*

Halo's laid-back and lazy. He's mostly appeared cheerful and positive. Halo's the type of guy to not become very ambitious. Due to the powers he have, he has a habit to take it for granted and not make a full use of his powers. He may not be talkative but he's easy to get along with. lastly, he's quite creative due to his artistic ability.

Athena, on the other hand, is selfless, naive like a child and would do anything for anyone-will-tell-her. She somewhat reflects Halo's morals and understands today's society morals. Unfortunately, she's quite unintelligent. She can be possessed by other people if she remains alone.

*sorry for the complicated ability below. sad.gif tell me if there's anything you don't understand*

Halo has the hereditary ability to remove destiny. It is caused by somewhat his desires, not emotion or technique. Unfortunately, his artifact limits his powers but in a smart way. It was three levels. The first level only allows to give self-effect (taking off any of his destinies) moves always infinite. The second level allows you to effect objects around you; however, the artifact gives a time and use limit depending on how much you use it. It recharges afterward. The third level allows you to cause a powerful move, but only one use at a time until after an hour passes by. He can still get hurt and "so-called" die, he just has to be revived. Unfortunately, He's not very fit himself and can't work a combat easily. Neither does Athena.

Halo possesses a pen that doesn't stroke ink. With actually a contraption that morphs to various forms. Forms such as a watch, cellphone, radio, laptop, sunglasses and even a human form. That object always have green colors and the contraption is actually Athena herself.

His artifact limits his powers, which is said above.

Halo named some of his moves caused by his powers. Most of these are limited by time. Once the power is used, the artifact gains a shining timer like a clock. usage consumes by seconds and recharging goes by minutes. The third power can be used anytime, effect lasts for a minute but recharging lasts an hour. using the whole limit suspends him to use his powers till the charge is done.

Capellian Sun: Halo traps and absorbs whatever it crosses into a ball and thrown like a baseball. Consumes 10 seconds to use.

Capellian Shield: Halo makes an anti-destiny field, causing his objects to become indestructible. Consumes 15 seconds to use.

Capellian Ring: Halo causes a sphere-like repulsion from himself, pushing away any object near him. he can make moving anti-destiny fields. Telling objects to not be destined to be staying still or going at a destined target. Consumes 30 seconds to use.

Capellian Curtain: The third level power. Causes him and his surroundings to be indestructible for a minute. Unfortunately, has to recharge for an hour after the effect is finished.

Learning new techniques:
There are more moves Halo can use but he doesn't know about it yet. It depends on his situation. nevertheless, all moves consumes time.

For Athena, Corona promised him to give Athena more transformations if Halo finds and gives one of his father's inventions.

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