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may--chan :3
08-26-2009, 12:58 PM
**This is the replacement for Hinata since i dont think il use her**

Name: Mei Lee

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 6.3 foot

weight: 6 stone

Race: Ninja

Class: C.chunnin

Apperance: http://animeforum.org.uk/album.php?albumid=339&pictureid=3968

Personality: a calm,happy Girl that can be seorious and calm at times but in other times theres an stupid and dopey side that comes called Hyperness and she completly changes to her childish side within seconds.sometimes when she overusses her energy .this can make her faster and have more energy.In fights she can be determined but doesnt care about winning or losing unless there's a bet to it or something.her eyes go yellow as a sign shes about to pass out.a very Eeky person with passion to draw and do her nails.

Bandages,kunai's,senbons,shirkuens,medin ce,chakra pills,Metal thread,sword,Chakra beads,mini paper's,pens,nail polish,shoulder armor.this is all held in a pocket belt on her lower chest.

Biography: Raised in a very haunted house known to have been owned by a psycho women who lived there before who commited suicide in the kitchen.it had a big inflict of fear to her,which makes her see ghosts more clearly but sometimes breaks her down in tears cause of the memories.Beaten as a child for being a bad girl along with her and her sister,her brother never got beaten up cause he was a little boy,they envied him very much.then when her mum was arrested for abusing Mei and her sister.she had move Far away from her siblings and her mum with her father he uses technology for entertainment.which changes her a lil now and then to make her more enetertained and happy but also makes her more orgainsed and decent so then she could be a better person which helps her learn more to grow up.As she grew up She became rebelious and weird and toke her own control over herself she didnt want to go down the same road when she was younger of being bullied for being shy and friends with the big kids.so she stood up for herself like a big kid so she couldnt not be crushed again.she sometimes toke it far and got something out of it.but got respected well,by most people.she gained new hobbies which changed her more.she learn't ways to set up traps from Mean pranks to the teachers in her school for fun.she may be young but she has intelligence and alot more knowloadge then what she should have at her age.

jutsu:-subsitution -clones -water manipulation -water clones -water prison jutsu -water dragon no jutsu -Healing
like in the diagrammed version of Mei it shows some other attacks she can hold like the chakra beads.you send chakra to them they expand and become longer the user can pull one off with massive amounts of chakra and throw it like a bomb.its a pretty big one too but worth it.you can grab something from 10 meters and do as you please from strangle,throw blow up or more.the beads automatical replace itsself from the particles in the air if there are none you cant use the bombs.when your finished the beads will go back to normal and beads will go against her body how it was.sometimes you gotta be careful.she can also use the beads as a trap.she can turn them to water and if you splash it it will stick to you and blow up.so you have to be extremly careful.when she's finished with that she calls them back and they turn to how they where before.it can turn to anything that has to do with water.shes more of a kicking person then a punching thats why she has blades and spikes on her tight's.

Ability's: a fire Manipulated user cant damage her easily as she will just put out the fire.you cant beat her if your not an eletric manipultion user thats the only way to get to her since she will tun to water if you cut her or deicide to blow her up.in other words you cant attack her cause she will just turn to water. a person with close combat skills wont win easily by the amount of things she could use.might end up killing your character but that wont be nessisary.shes too light

Learning new ability's: She might learn more jutsu's:dunno what yet maybe to do with fire eg fir flower phoneix jutsu
and TaiJutsu: Martial arts
maybe more things she can do with the beads:extending how far she can throw them at,turning them into something,more powerful sword then current?.make the size bigger,bigger bombs,maybe changing the form to something else like chains or ribbon (thats an example and idea)
she might get better at the healing techque and get good at sealing ghost's,demons and lost souls into things,improve gymastics,maybe gain a demon side which makes her tripple her abilities

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nneed a little bit more of bio

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I added a lil more.is that enough? ^^

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