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Name: Dmitri Shadow

Current age: 68 (human Years)/ 22 in Shadow Years.

Gender: Male

Race: Shadow Being/ Kagesonzai

Height: 77 inches/195.6 cm

Weight: 185lbs./83.91kg

class: King

Appearance: (men's)Med. black hair. Dark Brown Eyes, Always wears an unbuttoned Shadow Army Uniform, underneath is a dark purple shirt with insignia on it. Purple Pants, Dark Gray ripped cape, black boots, in battle wears a gray helmet that covers his entire head and has simple false demon horns on them(not like the implants at all, much bigger).

Personality: Humble, Protective, Caring, Brave, a little jumpy at times, Doesn't like to show fear, he dislikes all the power the role as a king has, he's a (literally) fatherly figure (he has a son). Can be too serious, and extremely intelligent.

Attacks: () description of attack
*Shadow ball (A small ball of darkness follows the player around till hit, useful to get enemies away from him)
*Black Slash (uses his sword to create a huge wave of black energy)
*Close combat (A direct attack using his fists and feet, it cannot miss, but leaves him unable to doge or block the next attack.)
*Shadow punch (a punch using dark energy to blast the opponent across the field, but only doing little damage)
*Slice (a normal attack with his sword)
*Demon Guard (Dmitri becomes invincible for 2 attacks can only use oonce a battle)
*creeper (takes control of the opponent and makes him/her attack her/himself once, then attack ends, 60/40 chance of succeeding)
*War blast (can only be used once per battle, his best attack that cannot miss, he attacks with all of his might, but leaves him unable to do anything for 2 more attacks.)

Ability's: Normal attacks like a punch, kick, or a sword slash used against Dmitri only has a 10% chance of hitting him. He is good at reading, writing, and battle practice!

Items + Weapons:
*Demon Sword
*Gray Shield Cape
*Gray Protective Head- Helmet
*Capsule containing first aid materials

Bio: Dmitri Was born in Italy with a different unknown name, but as a baby his parents moved to America trying to make a living, the time period was 1926. He sneaked into WWII at the age of 16 (hence the year being 1941) only because his mother died in Pearl Harbor and his father died many years before of a heart attack. Dmitri now serves a king of the Shadow Relm. He is married to a girl named Maria and has twins named Shad and Sharp. He usually chats with all other classes for he his humble and does not see himself better than anyone else. he goes off to battle every now and then for practice in case he needs to stop a villain from arising again, as he did in WWII...

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you need a bio

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Enjoy playing