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Did you read the rules?: Yeah i did

Did you looked if this character was free?: I made him myself ^^

Name: Higara Teppei

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: your character's height 6"3

Weight: Your character's weight 51,2 kg

Race: Human?

Class: training to become a member of the Guardias de protección.



a strap his attached to his bokutou (wooden sword) that he carries around his right shoulder.


Teppei's playful when he's around his friends.
Very social and talks a lot about almost anything.
He also laughs a lot and seems pretty happy.
But when he's fighting he's very serious.
His weakness is that he likes to toy with his enemy.
He's intelligent and knows how to put up a good strategy.


He exceeds at sniping and is also a master of Karate, Sambo but still learns Kendo.
Fuerza is energy.

Gritar Soledad; Teppei converts his fuerza into his wooden sword to make it as sharp as a katana a lightblue light covers the edge of the wooden sword and when Teppei slashes a blue wave/slash flies towards the enemy.
(It's like a Getsuga Tenshou)

Misericordia derrame cerebral; Teppei's strongest attack is to dash to different sides of his enemy and perform Gritar Soledad multiple times.

Espada ataque; Teppei concentrates his fuerza and converts it into destructive power.
He charges it into the palm of his hand.
(the ball looks exactly like a Cero not that it's as strong as a Cero.)

Abilty's: He's able to convert his own fuerza into his wooden sword to make it as sharp as a katana.

His skills will approve in training.
Even if his attacks look the same like Getsuga Tenshou or a Cero that doesn't mean that their it's THAT strong.


a pistol with a few rounds. (4)
One ammo clip in his pocket. (10 rounds )
a wooden sword and a small bag around his waist.
a device that uses the sattelite as a map.
The device itself is a radar, Teppei can program it like a map so that he knows the way to his next location. (advanced technology)
a bottle with water.


Teppei lost his parents during the war.
Also called "La guerra de los panteras" (War of the Panthers)
He's been raised by a soldier from the Guardias de protección.
When Teppei turned 8 he found out that the soldier who was raising him was the captain of the 11th Division.
Of course after hearing that Teppei was so happy that his "father" was a captain.
But when Teppei turned 10 he wanted to become a member of the Guardias de protección so he started studying, training and all sorts of things that is needed to become a member.
After 7 years he's still training to become one of them.

When Teppei turned 17 his "father" was meant to be burried on another planet so he traveled with a few other people in a spaceship called Defensor.
While Teppei was on that ship he heard that it's the same planet where his real parents come from.
That's when he found out that he wasn't from earth so he was curious where he really came from.
Of course he couldn't ask his father anymore, his father died during the war that lasted 5 years.
It started when Teppei was 10 and ended when he was 15.

Teppei's journey to his home planet took a few days but when they almost were there a accident happend on the spaceship.
Something exploded and the Defensor was ready to blow up.
Three other people were in the spaceship, friends of Teppei's father.
Those people all died during the explosion the only person that was alive was Teppei, he ran to the back of the ship and went into a space pod.
Because of his studies he knew how to fly the ship so he escaped the Defensor right before it exploded.
Because of the explosion he was blasted towards his home planet and crashed into a lake
Luckily the hatch still opened and he could get out.
Now he's searching for a way to go home but also for the answers of his past.

"Who's my mother?, who's my father?, what happend to them? and why do i have these powers?"

These questions kept his mind off the thought that there might be a chance that he never would go back to the planet he was raised on.


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its tem approved for one day

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Nice char^^