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Name: Ai

Age: Appears to be 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7

Weight: 135lb

Race: Celestial Being

Class: Sun Godess

Appreance: Can appear as either a white wolf with red celestial markings or a human with wolf ears and tail and long white hair with golden eyes wearing a red and white training outfit. Pictures below.

Personality: Ai is fun, loving and very active but also has an interest in playing jokes on people. Her wild personality is a reflection of the sun which is constantly burning, since after all she is the godess of the sun. Eventhough she is very crazy, she gets serious when angry, sad, or in a battle. She also likes to help people when they are in need. Her personality stays the same when in either form. Since she has power over most of the elements, the atmosphere tends to change with her mood. When happy the sun is normal with a few clouds in the sky and slightly windy to keep it cool, when angry the sun shines brightly and causes the temperature to rise, and when sad it will start to rain. She despises when people touch her ears or tail.

(wolf form)
-Bite- clamps teeth down on the opponent
-Slash- slashes the opponent with claws
-Howl- Lets out ear shattering howl to distract the opponent
-Nature- Uses surrounding elements to attack the foe
-Flee- Uses increadible speed to make a quick get away

(human form)
-Kaji- shoots large blasts of fire at the enemy
-Attacks with a halberd
-Kick and punches very hard
-Nature- Uses surrounding elements to attack the foe
-Flee- Uses increadible speed to make a quick get away

Abilty's: Can talk to animals and heal herself or allies with water.

Large Halberd nicknamed Tetsugan

weakness: lightning, ice, and darkness

Biography: Ai lives in the Celestial plain (A place where the celestial beings live) but descended in order to restore the land's natural beauty and help people. Her goal is to banish evil and fill the land with beauty like the earth was a long time ago. Her parents died and she has no siblings so naturally ends up traveling the world alone.

Learning new abilty's: Takes over a week to learn a new ability but takes months to master it.

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Evetythings i order approved

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