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12-02-2010, 07:43 PM
Did you read the rules?: Yes
Is your character an actual anime/movie character? Still not, maybe later ;)
or an origional character?: Its only my character. I own that character.

Name: Eruner
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 198 cm (6' 6")
Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
Spieces: 3/4 Human and 1/4 Elf
Class: Paladin

Appearance - Light, pale skin; blue eyes; straight blond hair; average beard, tough,

Civil outfit http://i55.tinypic.com/dc3dwg.jpg
Armored outfit http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs5/i/2004/344/9/d/Knight_of_the_Temple_by_Alfredsson.jpg
Angelic Ascesion (form)http://th04.deviantart.net/fs45/PRE/f/2009/070/3/6/Angel_by_akizhao.jpg

Personality He is a lone wolf. Most of the time he travels alone, but sometimes with his friends. Hi is independent, self-sufficient and has no problems with people. His natural smile and charisma calms others down around him.
He is cheerful, optimistic, brave, wise, honour, clever, holy, righteous, polite, calmed...
He likes sunligh, nature, walking in forest, pease and silence, fishing, good music, fresh food, women, cleaned and shiny armor, griffins, angels and anything beautiful.
His patron is the Archangel Michael, archangel of sun and Lightness, the head commander of angels and fighters against darkness.

Attacks: Holy light - (A beam of light from his hands to target area; deals damage to undead/dark/unholy; may cause temporal blindness; low manna cost)
Prayer of protection - (Target person continously gains spell imunity against dark/unholy spells, curses, increase change to dodge/evade missiles. If interupted, efects slowly disapear)
Holy blessing - (permanent holy enchantment on items or temporal bonus on armour and little heal efect over time)
Refracting shield - (holded shield gains magical power to refract/block or cancel magical misiles/damages or allow to prevent more non-magical damage)
Blessed strike - (Weapon is blessed to deal more damage, be faster, lighter, more acurate; for next (few) hit(s); concentration lowes mannacost; emotions (anger) increace total power/efect)
Divine presence - (pasive skill; allow to comunicate and co-operate with divine entities (angels); calming efect; increce manna regen; when he pray or bless, his manna pool regenerates faster)
Healing salve - (commond healing over time; average manna cost and duration)
Angelic Ascesion - (Eruner gets white wings, becomes blessed, healed, exalted; it activates Refracting shield, Blessed strike and Holy blessing on him; flying; increace of speed; high manna requirements)
Abilty's: fishing, cooking, smithing, diplomacy, and other common paladin skills
Weapons: (all have holy blessing and elvish enchantment) Light Mace, Heavy Mace, Longsword, Heavy Shield, Half-plate armor, Light Steel Shield, Items - Bottle, Fishhook, Fishing net, Holly symbol, bag, tinderbox, other personal things

Biography His mother is beautiful and wize half-elf druidess and his father is a very clever mage/wizard and merchant. Eruner has born and lived in Sunny City (near the Sunny lakes), he has education, phisical and combat training.
In a young age he had joined a knight order, trained and passed primary level and then decided to become a paladin - holy and defensive knight class.
After he had grown up he was accoladed and sent to his first mision/task - settle disputes between human and elvish inhabitants. He had to comunicate with them, calm them and solve problems.
Until he was successful, he learned and improved some skills and spells.
However, the kingdom was invaded by "Undeads" and had to quickly mobilizate and prepare to fight. The war has begun, paladins and clerics were very needed and iportant to fight against undeads. Fortunately, defense was successful, but many villages were suffered and war hasnt definitely won.
Eruner had luck, survived, pounded many skeletons, healed many injuries, canceled many curses and used many skill he (had) learnt.

Eruner's griffin (depends on world rules and on "Game Master")Surely it was his destiny to meet a very wild and magical griffin, that remarked his life. Eruner found that both of them are mentally conected, some idescribable bond between them.
They are great flying duo, enjoy flights, fight together.
Griffin - Stron flying creature that controls wind element; can fight both on the ground and in air; Empathic link; Improved evasion; Share spells; Share saving throws; can hold up to two persons or one person with luggage;

12-03-2010, 12:11 AM
Nice character! X3 Sounds like it came straight from a MMORPG then at the same time, from a long time ago. Like, a different era. Anyways, character approved!