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08-08-2010, 01:05 AM
Did you read the rules?: Ye

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character? Original

Did you looked if this character was free?: Pretty Obvious

Name: Kiyano Vladimir Dracul (Name Used Kiyano Fiura)

Age: Older then a Few hundred years

Gender: Male

Height: 183,5cm

Weight: 64kg

Spieces : Vampire

Class: Vampire Overlord, Daywalker


NOTE! this is all that has been Seen from him till know and they Lived to tell the tale...

Personality: Emotionless, Inside and Outside, That Really is all there is known of him, He's Dark, Gloomy and Rather Heartless, He never Backs down from a Fight...Tho thats Probably because he never lost...

Aura (his Aura is Large, and when he's Out and Mad, You could Sens that For Miles away)

Mood Aura (as Simple as it said, his aura is Mood Confined, when he's Mad His Aura is A LOT more Devilish then when he's Having fun, and this is Noticable)

Claws (not really Claws but his Fingernails are Sharp and Strong enough too Cut Flesh)

Demonic Pressence (when he Wants himself too be known he Can sens out a Pulse Making people Dizzy and Feel Like There Phasing Through Several Dimensions at ones, it's Almost impossible too Notice it Comming as it is not needed too give any sign by him that you can see..mostly people Fall too there Knee's)

Fangs (his Vampire Fangs can Grow or Shrink, he could make someone a Vampire or suck his/her blood out)

Prime Blood (When he Gets Too Exited he Begins to Become his True Self...he Mostly Suppresses it but at some points he Just Bursts out, With Devistating Results, He is Known to Be far more Powerfull then any around him then)

Shapeshift (if he wants he Can become a Flock of Pure Black Crows with Red eyes, They Can disperse to the Seven Winds all Year round if he Wants and he needs just one To return back into his Original Form, Tho 90% of his Crows then Vanish becoming a thick black Smoke, Some Stay as a Crow for Recon Perposes, he can also just make one as he wish, 4 are his max for Recon)

Abilty's: Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, he has it all, but Rarely uses it,
Thinking it's Unelegant, he Has a Really powerfull aura about himself,
and when he's Pissed, Everyone around will Notice that...Directly..it
is a Rumor that he might even be able too walk in Daylight..

Items/Weapons: Sigarettes, Lighter, Ect.

Biography: Kiyano Has always been unknown to the World around him, always staying in the Shadows, but it isn't Untill the past Few Years that he Started to make his Mark in the Vampire Community, Taking over The World Slowly, He is By Far the Most Dangerous Person around, Everytime there is A Rumor about him that is even greater then the Last, only what they Don't know...is that most...are Spread by himself... so he can keep his Full control over his Enemies, and what they know...

Learning new abilty's: No New Abilities, Could tho Unleash a Terrible Power on the World if he Uses the Prime Blood..

08-08-2010, 01:54 AM
I saw the picture and I was like, holy crap. :awesome: It looks pretty cool. Awesome vampire. :3 Approved.