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Sleeping Darkness
07-14-2010, 12:02 AM
Did you read the rules?:yes

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character? Original

Did you looked if this character was free?: yes

Name:Ace Kenshi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 1.8 meters


Spieces :Half Human Half Glyph's Spirit



Personality:A Pretty lively man he is usually pretty light headed and is always childish he is friendly making friends quickly
but during combat he's personality changes he becomes completely serious

Moon Phoenix Style(only using he's sword and maybe shadow aura):(Incomplete techniques could easily backfire)
Level 1 Techniques:
Charge Slash-Quickly dashes and slices opponent(Complete)
Ultimate Defence-using the sword as a shield (Complete)
Fake Slice-Charges at opponent than makes it look like he's about to slice but moves and slices from behind(Complete)
Level 2 Techniques:
Spinner Slicer-Using both arms Ace spins the sword than charges with with the velocity created(Complete)
Air Assault-first sends the opponent flying than hits him twice and send him into the ground with a third slice(Incomplete)
Level 3 Techniques:
Psycho Slash-holding the sword with both hands he lifts it and than slices creating a huge shockwave from the the strength(Incomplete)
Dark Dragon Style(only using energy blasts of sort):
Dark Thunder-Swings he's sword to release A Huge thunder like blast at the opponent
Dark Wave-Shoots a wave of energy at the opponent
Triple Dark Wave-Shoots three Waves at the opponent

Shadow Fox Style(only using types of enchantment abilities with the sword techniques):
Shadow Boots+Sword Technique=Shadow Charge -using the shadow boots Ace jumps or runs towards the opponent at full speed with the sword held with both hands
Shadow Arm+Sword Technique=Shadow Slash - using the Shadow arm ability Ace increases hit power and hits harder
Shadow Charge+Shadow Slash-using both attacks together this time while charging only holding the sword in one arm

Abilities : Shadow Aura-The Sword begins to glow with a black Aura
Glyph Transformation-Using the three Darkness swords the user transforms himself into a different being called Glyph Spirit in this Form Ace Calls himself Elsen The God of Glyph this gives Ace 6 swords and new abilities using the swords
Shadow Boots-The Legs turn black enables much faster movement and higher jumps
Shadow Arm-Turns one arm black gives much stronger swinging ability

Moon Sword-He's Normal sword
Crew Crest-a little crest he wears on he's neck in memory of he's lost friends 5 years ago
Dark Sword-The Second Moon Sword Gives the original the power of darkness and the ability to use energy blasts of sort
Shadow Sword-The third Moon Sword Gives the Original The Power of Shadows And more defensive Abilities
Master's Book of Techniques-A big book that has many sword techniques

Biography: Ace was born in a small village
when he was 10 a pirate attacked he's village burning it
during this time Ace took a sword and tried to fight the pirate but failed
he was left for dead but soon after he woke up than he found a weird black orb he took it and suddenly the orb began floating than in an instant it flew into he's chest making him faint a bit later he wakes up to find a sword with the writing Moon Sword on a piece of paper near it
he picked it up than rushed towards the center of the village where the final assault of the pirates began he quickly challenged the Pirate captain
quickly he unleashed a new found power the darkness killing the Captain easily finally achieving revenge
he is found injured by a bounty hunter who nurses him to health
after Ace wakes up he asks why the bounty hunter helped him
only to find out the pirate he beat had a bounty of 65million gold
he thanks the Bounty hunter and disappears the next day
for 5 years he wonders around the world meeting people training until he meets a weird guy he called himself Kuro he was a pirate captain
Ace joins he's Crew becoming the 10th member
Ace along with the other 9 members Kuro Blade Dragoon Kain Leo Grey Sarah Ethan and Wolf goes on adventures finally a few months later
they enter a weird part of the sea they're Ship crashes into a few stones and than enters a typhoon killing everyone on board Ace finds himself on a beach he stands up and picks up the Crest a thing that brought luck to the ship
than for five years he stays on the island training he's sword techniques
he learns from scrolls he finds around about a great swordsman and he's techniques he learns about techniques ranging from level 1 to level 5 and later on learns them level 1 are simple techniques
Level 2 are more advanced Level 3 are hard to learn and mastering is very hard
Level 4 inhuman Techniques Level 5 Ultimate Techniques
He than trains using these techniques
until one day a ship comes picks him up and takes him to the mainland
several months later he finds two new moon swords and earns they're abilities
he learns of the way to use the three swords
once the other two swords are found the moon sword gains new abilities increasing it's power
he later learns that if used together the three swords Fuse they can create a stronger Sword and Also changes the user into a much more powerful being at the price of shortening he's lifespan and internal injuries
once he was 18 he finally began searching for a crew wanting to revive he's old crew he got a ship and now searches for a Crew

Note: if i am this character will be used for both main and paragraph Rpg

07-16-2010, 05:17 PM
Crap. Sorry for all the lateness.. I had forgetten about this. Forgive me.

Wow. Looks pretty good! :D Approved. ^^ About the note, it's fine.