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07-10-2010, 12:12 AM
Did you read the rules?: Of course!

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an original character?

Did you looked if this character was free?:
Yes, it's my own creation.

Name: Momo

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 125

Spieces : Unknown

Class: Upper Class...?



Standing at 5'1", Momo is not an impressive site to behold. She is frail looking but when you get a closer look you would have to take note that she does have a soft muscle tone on her. This gives you the impression that she does indeed know on how to fight, but just barely. Momo's skin is a soft pink, which is smooth and unscarred. Her hair is a deep purple, well kept and straight, while her eyes are a light grey. Her only special feature would be the rather large, black cat ears that rest upon the side of her head.

Personality: Momo is, to put it simply, that type of person who has a contagious personality. She's naive and simple, caring and soft. She can light up a room (well, almost.) She prefers peace to the chaos that she had grown up in but she takes it in stride seeing as how she was raised by such a cynical 'father'. Momo is very intelligent as well. Since she has been able to read, that's all she ever does, gaining more knowledge from that the universe has to offer.

Ki Blast : The most basic attack. It is just a simple blast of energy for protection.
Energy Disc : Sort of like Krillin's attack, but it can't cut through everything since she's not strong enough for it.
Lazer Gun : An attack that was forced upon her to know. Forcing ki to the tip of her index and middle finger, she shoot out 'bullets', which can actually slice through flesh at a pretty fast rate.

Flight : She can channel her ki to her legs and feet so that she can fly.

Items/Weapons: None.

Biography: Momo was born upon Frieza's ship just several years after Planet Vegeta was destroyed. But since her mother was the last of their kind, the name of her race died on her lips at her birth. Since then she has been raised by Frieza himself since he had taken pity on the cat-like child. As she grew, he taught her the most basic fighting forms along with flight. Frieza also taught her on how to read, write, and be a force to be reckoned with when debating. Except the catch with her was that he treated her like a pet. He spoiled her, giving her jewels and such off of planets.

But as time went on Momo was finally starting to see on how her 'father' acted. Not liking this she slowly started to distance herself from the man and began to become her own person. And by own person, I mean bookworm.

[ I hope that her small history is acceptable. Especially to the people who may or may not RP as Frieza and Zarbon. ]

Learning new abilty's: None.

07-11-2010, 02:45 AM
Aww how cute. ^^ You followed the template, and everything's filled in, so approved.