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  1. future predictions for manga
  2. Who will mess things up: Naruto or Sasuke?
  3. what will happen to naruto if his seal was unlocked?
  4. Yamato/Tenzo Discussion
  5. The Jubi
  6. Story of Madara/Tobi!!
  7. Itachi's Power in Naruto
  8. Predictions for what will happen
  9. Theories about Naruto
  10. who will be 7th hokage
  11. Tobi = Obito?
  12. Who's in the coffin Kabuto Summoned
  13. Depiction of children in Naruto
  14. hashimaru defeated?
  15. War Predictions
  16. The Sage of the Six Path Theory
  17. Do you think naruto will ever become hokage?
  18. Madaras immortality
  19. Amaterasu - hyperbole?
  20. Secret jutsu.
  21. Minato's Power and legacy
  22. Clues that Kishi is going to give Naruto the Rinnagan
  23. Kagami is Tobi theory
  24. Can Nagato overcome Tsukuyomi?
  25. Requirements of Rinnegan
  26. Who do you beleive Tobi is?
  27. Shisui brainwashing Itachi?
  28. why obito became evil... no not rly
  29. How strong was Danzo before.....