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  1. The Sixth Hokage
  2. General Naruto MANGA Discussion thread!
  3. The most failing fight.
  4. Sasuke's New Jutsu?
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  7. Pein/Pain Discussion
  8. How Strong Is Tobi
  9. naruto manga spoilers
  10. Return of Sasori
  11. the mangekyu sharingan
  12. Naruto's Tail Forms
  13. Tobi/Madara
  14. do u think madara and danzo r the same person
  15. If naruto turns in to the nine tailed fox then what does sasuke turn in to?
  16. Which is your favorite Dojutsu Blood line
  17. Favourite Kekkei Genkai?
  18. Series being dragged on
  19. yamato captured!!!, what do you think will happen in chapter 515?
  20. Lulzy Motivationals
  21. Rock Lees' Springtime of Youth
  22. how do u not get tired?!
  23. Can the Tailed-Beasts breed?
  24. Do you think Madara kabuto pein orochimaru were REALLY villains?
  25. Naruto Trivia Game
  26. yamato, zetsu and hashirama
  27. Scenario game, can you think like Shikamaru?
  28. Naruto Characters who should be respected and why
  29. The climax is near
  30. yes this is it!
  31. Things you want to See in Naruto
  32. wot can stop you form see\rending naruto
  33. Top 10 Kages
  34. Technique versus ?
  35. Favorite Akataski Agent
  36. Might Guy and the gates
  37. How would you like the series to end?
  38. Naruto Fantasy Matchups
  39. which is your favorite Jutsu type?
  40. Does Your Ninja Belong in our Bingo Book
  41. Madara Uchiha the most Broken Character in Naruto
  42. Senju or Uchiha?
  43. Naruto Manga Break
  44. Which Element would you be if you could have an element
  45. Rebirth of the Uchiha?
  46. Which Konoha clan do you like most
  47. If you were Naruto which girl would you choose?
  48. What will you do now?
  49. Final Thoughts on Naruto
  50. Worst Plot Twist
  51. Naruto Two Page Special
  52. What went wrong with Sakura?
  53. Who is your Favourite/Least Favourite Naruto character?
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