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  2. Post your funny naruto pics and vids
  3. Who is stronger? Naruto or Sasuke
  4. Who is on Sasuke's mind?
  5. Chakra Element - Which is your favorite?
  6. favorite opening
  7. What ninja rank would you aim for in the "naruto world" ?
  8. What do you think is below Kakashi's mask?
  9. The absolute worst jutsu
  10. Konohamaru Discussion thread
  11. General Naruto Discussion thread!
  12. Do you prefer the anime or the manga?
  13. IF YOU HAPPEN TO MEET UCHIHA SASUKE in the road, what would you do?
  14. If you are given a chance......
  15. Would you fight or join the Akatsuki?
  16. Which is the best legendary sannin?
  17. Do you think Sasuke will be cheerful and happy?
  18. The Summons world
  19. Which naruto character are you like?
  20. If your given a choice to revive one of the naruto characters who would it be?
  21. Who do you think is the funniest Character?
  22. What is your favorite weapon in the anime?
  23. What is your favorite special ability?
  24. Is Sasuke lucky to have Itachi as his older brother?
  25. Which naruto character has the best outfit?
  26. Medic geniuses.
  27. What element is best fused with rasengan
  28. Wich Naruto Village would you like to live in?
  29. Best rank cloth.
  30. The Changes of the character.
  31. Naruto - fillers
  32. Naruto couples pics
  33. Naruto Rules
  34. Do you think naruto would sacrifice his dream of being a hokage just to save sasuke?
  35. The best Jounin
  36. Sakura Thread
  37. Who will Sakura end up with ?
  38. Dubbed Or Subbed
  39. What is your favorite clan?
  40. Kakashi Hatake Discussion Thread
  41. Sasuke Discussion Thread
  42. Who will Naruto end up with?
  43. If Akatsuki were'nt criminals,what should they be working as ?
  44. Favorite Naruto Ending
  45. Favorite Naruto Male Character
  46. Favorite Naruto Female Character
  47. Disliked Female Naruto Character
  48. Disliked male Naruto Character
  49. Best Technique
  50. Hottest Character
  51. Naruto series characters
  52. If you could make your own jutsu...
  53. naruto wolves theme songs!
  54. Are naruto's shadow clones getting old?
  55. Will Naruto learn more awesome and cool techniques?
  56. Who has the best hair among the Naruto Characters?
  57. Did you get any lessons in watching Naruto?
  58. Who is the most kind and polite Naruto character ?
  59. Who's your favorite team ?
  60. What if there's no Uzumaki Naruto ?
  61. What if all of the Naruto Characters came from a the same clan ?
  62. If you're given the chance to make Naruto, what would it be ?
  63. What if all of the Naruto Characters are all good?
  64. If all the Tailed beasts weren't captured ?
  65. What can you say about the Anime, Naruto ?
  66. Uzumaki Naruto Discussion Thread
  67. Who would you choose to fight in Naruto and why ?
  68. Favorite Quotes from Naruto
  69. Who thinks that Naruto has a second element except wind ?
  70. What do you think of this ?
  71. Would you rather have the Kyuubi or the Cursed seal ? WHY ?
  72. What If Naruto would not have the kyubbi
  73. Strongest and coolest char in naruto
  74. What NARUTO character do you think has the most care??
  75. New to Naruto, first impressions
  76. Newest Opening Sign-Flow full!
  77. Am I the only one who understand Itachi?
  78. Favourite couple from Naruto??
  79. Best arc in naruto
  80. Best squad
  81. Naruto OP and ED
  82. How Kakashi got his Mangekyou
  83. Odd couples, Naruto game
  84. Things dont make sense in naruto
  85. the Jutsu game
  86. The Final Vally 2
  87. NaruSaku or SasuSaku?
  88. Sasuke REAL Life!
  89. Naruto RPG Land of Ninja's
  90. Jiraya or orochimaru!?
  91. Fav Naruto BGM
  92. The funny naruto thread
  93. Rasengan
  94. My Naruto Cards
  95. Naruto Voices
  96. Who is the last Naruto character you saw?
  97. Top 5
  98. Why the Bandages. Why?
  99. whats all dis tecmology in naruto?
  100. Will you give up everything to be a Ninja? o.O
  101. SPOILERS: Would you live a lie?
  102. What Team Would You Be In?
  103. Who Will Sasuke End Up With?
  104. If You Happen to Meet Uchiha Itachi, What would you do?
  105. what wuld u do if u was in da narutoverse?
  106. Best vilian (overall)
  107. Naruto what if's
  108. best jutsu of each char
  109. Fav moment in naruto
  110. Nin jutsu vs Tai jutsu
  111. favourite fights
  112. Best leader
  113. bijuus/tailed beasts- discussion.
  114. Dojutsu talk
  115. Best Naruto Quotes
  116. naruto newcomer
  117. Meet a Naruto Character Game
  118. Covers of Naruto OST on guitar (amateur) What do you think?
  119. Dosu
  120. Naruto- The sound five
  121. The Awesome Naruto Game
  122. Most well-rounded character
  123. which Jutsu in your opinion could be the most useful in real life
  124. who is like who
  125. who do you want to be
  126. What hands Signs do you know?
  127. Favorite episode of Naruto?
  128. whos tallent do you have
  129. Naruto Caption Contest
  130. Who is part of your Ninja squad?
  131. Naruto (best anime??) opinions??
  132. What character would you like to meet??
  133. When will naruto finally end??? opinions???
  134. If you could be Naruto??
  135. Would you rather eat ramen or eat ramen with Naruto???
  136. Would you rather....
  137. One-shot comics..
  138. Which would you adopt?
  139. My Amv´s
  140. What Is Your Favorite Naruto Character
  141. Naruto & Hinata: Ship Em' or Skip Em'!
  142. anime mix AMV
  143. Naruto「AMV」 The Path Of The Ninja