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  1. Post Your favorite Lyrics
  2. Classical Music,are you a fan of this and if so what is your favourite piece?
  3. What do you listen too???
  4. Insane Clown Posse -- What Do You Think of Them?
  5. What are you listening to right now?
  6. Favourite band(s)/singer(s)?
  7. Worst Music Genre
  8. Little Richard
  9. Who remember's Busted?
  10. Music!!!
  11. Do you like Zed Zeppelin?
  12. Post a song from your country:D
  13. Worst singer(s)/band(s) ever..
  14. Whats your favorite song?
  15. What makes Band's songs good?
  16. What Band would you like to meet in your country?
  17. Did you ever dreamed about being in a band?
  18. On what music instrument do you play?
  19. Have You Ever Wrote a Song?
  20. Forum Rules Music erasy discussion
  21. What do you think about "Screamo"
  22. Creed
  23. Michael Jackson Music
  24. Metal?
  25. Musical Playlist!!
  26. What song describes you the most?
  27. Muse - Supermassive Black Hole AKA Twilgiht's Soundtrack
  28. naruto shippuuden music
  29. What's your favorite anime song?
  30. Canon in C (My Sassy Girl) <3
  31. What instruments do you play or can play
  32. Give the above person a theme song
  33. Bands that sound better acousticly
  34. linkin park
  35. Recommend j-pop/rock
  36. 30 Seconds to Mars anyone?
  37. Me playing River flows in you
  38. All your base are belong to us!
  39. Tokio Hotel
  40. I feel love
  41. my chemical romance anyone??
  42. Atreyu Anyone?
  43. Chop suey, mario minor?
  44. all shall perish
  45. Frusciante quit Red Hot Chili Peppers
  46. Post your favourite Christmas song and say why you like it.!
  47. favorite band right now
  48. Post Your Music Play list
  49. Who can sing?
  50. Power metal
  51. The funniest song
  52. music today
  53. Lyrics and there meanings
  54. What song do you HATE?
  55. Thrash
  56. Music on your Celly!
  57. What song is stuck in your head right now XD
  58. When you go to bed, what kind of music do you listen to?
  59. Symphony of Science
  60. Favorite Radio Station?
  61. Foo Fighters
  62. Music Boxes- The lovely music.
  63. Dr. Steel: He Wants to Rule the World
  64. Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio
  65. Avenged Sevenfold NEWEST SINGLE
  66. Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket Ronnie James Dio's funeral
  67. Doujin Music
  68. Songs that give you nightmares.
  69. Favorite Guitar Riff
  70. Favorite Guitar Solos
  71. Music More People Should Know About
  72. Another Way To Die NEW SONG
  73. Dragonball Z Fans Time To Rage
  74. Blind Guardian
  75. With a....Flute!!
  76. What is your favourite musical instrument and why?
  77. Singing practice question
  78. Can Programs like Vocaloid replace or be as good as real singers????
  79. How do you get your music
  80. Anberlin
  81. Interesting Genres of Music.
  82. Does music affect you?
  83. Which song is like you life in sound or words:)
  84. Ac/dc
  85. Asking Alexandria
  86. Metal
  87. Give Your Thoughts On The Song Above
  88. What qualifies as 'Good' Music to you?
  89. wickit wicket jungalist masiv
  90. The Last Album You Bought?
  91. Best karaoke
  92. What music source (as in, store or subscription) do you use?
  93. Friday- Possible worst song ever?
  94. The Prayer
  95. Foo Fighters
  96. Your favourite bands/singers?
  97. Skillet, Flyleaf and Within Temptation
  98. Do you like Nicki Minaj?
  99. Guess the Song :D
  100. Album Review Thread
  101. SHINee=AWSOME
  102. BOTDF or ETF?
  103. Guess the song! (i will post new after someone wins)
  104. Rage Against The Machine
  105. iTunes/Winamp/Whatever collection
  106. Rate the song above you
  107. Did you get into an artist after they died?
  108. What Songs Do You Like To Sing?
  109. which band is the worst and which one is the best?
  110. Headbangers
  111. rockfans do your friend think you listen to metal?
  112. Vocal Tracks
  113. What Music Chart do you have in your country?
  114. Screamo
  115. you want to try a new music style?
  116. how do you think about profesional parodies?
  117. If the characters of Dragon Ball Z were real, what music would they listen to?
  118. Identify the song
  119. Favorite Music Genres and Songs!
  120. Favorite Music Video
  121. Jazz
  122. Flyleaf - Circle
  123. Death Metal
  124. what song/songs make you cry
  125. Favourite REMIXED song?
  126. What songs do you keep on repeat?
  127. What is in your music playlist?
  128. what song/songs make u jump uup and dance
  129. What are some of your favorite bands/singers????
  130. Lyrics translated into English
  131. Taicho/Light's Song Covers. xDD
  133. Favorite song?
  134. Hard Rock Hallelujah
  135. indian music
  136. Which musician has most influences your life?
  137. Taiyou No Mannaka He(Electric)
  138. U-kiss
  139. What song describes your mood right now?
  140. R.I.P. Whitney Houston
  141. Turmion kätlöt
  142. 2 Times Terror
  143. Favorite Genres
  144. Kpop?
  145. Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys dead at 47
  146. How do you find new music to listen to online?
  147. Anime Guitar Covers =)
  148. Good Instrumentals
  149. Lil Wayne v. Eminem
  150. Favorite songs???
  151. Your favourite 8-bit renditions
  152. Music Pieces you wish to last longer
  153. Parodies
  154. Help me with a little guitar part I wrote :D
  155. Songs you like but you don't know why
  156. Strange Habits When Playing?
  157. The song that never ends.
  158. Nine Inch Nails
  159. Good songs NOT about love and romance!
  160. MP3 Player & Song Count
  161. We must save the Galaco. We can't let her die!
  162. What part of a song would you like to listen over and over again?
  163. Your Personal Record Chart
  164. How Many Concerts?
  165. "Weird Al" Yankovic's 2014 CD Mandatory Fun
  166. Suggest music to me!
  167. Music Genres: I Need a lil' Help!
  168. Weird Music Videos
  169. Aussie gal sings Fate/Stay Night UBW's theme with her cute little pet voodoo dolls :D
  170. Have you ever seen any Bands at Conventions (Anime/Gaming Cons)
  171. New Retro
  172. If you were a song, what song would you be now?
  173. This is my video ! Anime edm song ! Hope u enjoy it
  174. Game with OP / ED from almost all anime
  175. Kate Bush - Documentary
  176. #Sad Machine Mix: Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Remix)
  177. Favorite Catchy Song That Won't Leave You Alone?
  178. Top 10 Most Iconic Songs Features of the 2000's Everyone has Forgotten
  179. Most nostalgic video game music/song to you?