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  1. The best deaths in anime. Say why too.
  2. Taboos and controversy in anime
  3. Favorite Anime?
  4. Which Anime Character Suffered The Most In There Childhood ?
  5. Who Is The Most Perverted Anime Character?
  6. How do you feel when you finish an anime?
  7. what is your favourite anime animal or pet?
  8. Your favourite anime insults.
  9. What's the coolest anime weapon
  10. Hottest sexiest anime characters.
  11. What anime are you watching now?
  12. anime crossovers would you like to see?
  13. Who has the strongest magic in anime?
  14. Famous/ fave/best/whatever Anime Quotes
  15. Best Anime moments
  16. Animes you used to like, but dislike now
  17. Who is you favorite voice actors
  18. question me
  19. How Much Money Do You Spend On Manga and Anime?
  20. Why Does The mian CHaracter get all the Girls
  21. What Anime Do You Want To Watch?
  22. What the best Anime opening/intros or endings
  23. Best Anime Kiss (May contain spoilers)
  24. What Kind of Anime do you watch
  25. Saddest Anime
  26. Who are your Favorite Anime Characters?
  27. How'd you get interested in anime?
  28. Guess the anime from the picture
  29. Who has any Anime memorabilia? ^^
  30. What did you think of the last anime you saw?
  31. Anime that you can never forget
  32. Anime Character with the longest hair
  33. Ever have a friend that ruins anime for you?
  34. Funiiest Awkward Moment
  35. What do you think of the general anime topics?
  36. What anime character do u feel u are like most?
  37. Manga, Anime or Both?
  38. Do you prefer a plot in anime or plain comedy and entertainment?
  39. Who is the fastest anime character?
  40. Most intelligent anime character.
  41. Worst ever anime or character
  42. Anime news
  43. Anime couples, the best and worst
  44. Anime cats girls and foxes. whats that about?
  45. Anime Awards!
  46. What anime were you saddest about finishing? and why?
  47. old Animes you have seen
  48. Most Violent/Brutal Anime?
  49. Most evil anime character
  50. Anime You would recommended to the members
  51. Guess that anime quote!
  52. Forum Rules : Genaral Anime Topics
  53. Can any character, from any anime except DBZ beat Vegeta?
  54. Who is the maddest character ?
  55. Why is anime so addicting? *Read First Post*
  56. How has anime Effected you?
  57. Anime Mafia Game. It begins
  58. What do you want to be turned into/imagined as an anime? (not manga)
  59. Does anime ever get boring sometimes?
  60. What's the most touching anime/manga that you know?
  61. They should make HP an anime..
  62. $20 or pimped out page - anime Game
  63. Which anime character has the coolest hair?
  64. Who is your anime look-a-like? ^_^
  65. Who is the most impolite Anime character ?
  66. If you could be any anime character who would you be?
  67. Fanfiction, or not to fanfiction? THAT! Is the question.
  68. When was the last time you have watched anime?
  69. Which mangas should be made into animes?
  70. Who is the girliest anime guy?
  71. If you were in the dark order (D.gray-man), what do you wanna be?
  72. Anime Motivational Posters
  73. First Anime You've Ever Watched ^_^m
  74. Dubs VS. Subs
  75. Anime endings that are confusing
  76. What will you do.,if
  77. What will you say to your fave anime character if they are real?
  78. Anime prizes game -- $10 or a pimped out page Top prize
  79. Your Top 10 favorite Animes of all time!
  80. Play you're an anime character Game
  81. Hellsing Ultimate OVA 7 Trailer
  82. Fandubs; your opinions? Ideas?
  83. Best Male Anime Womanizer!
  84. DBZ or Naruto whic is the best!!
  85. Nostalgia, y'all.
  86. Fall 2009 Anime, which series will you follow?
  87. would you ever name your child after an anime character?
  88. The most UNDER-RATED anime of all time
  89. Which is the cutest anime character u ever saw??
  90. Has anime ever inspired you to do something?
  91. Are You Watching Me?
  92. Most commonly seen anime series.
  93. I need more anime, any suggestions?
  94. Do you judge an anime by it's drawing?
  95. Anime characters with no sense of direction
  96. Do you skip through the openings?
  97. Blacked out eyes? what is it?
  98. Unknown anime
  99. Anime Parody Ideas
  100. who is ur fave in wolf's rain
  101. Saber's Anime Blades
  102. Western franchises that should be adapted into anime
  103. Fruits Basket: Which character is better?
  104. Anime vs Cartoons
  105. Anime prizes game - $10 or a pimped out page Top prize
  106. who like Death note
  107. What is anime? Does it have to be made in japan?
  108. What anime character needs a therapist?
  109. Death Note Fans post here! temp thread.
  110. What do you think is the most annoying/funny/crazy anime line?
  111. Code Geass- Is Lelouch dead or alive?
  112. Most beautiful anime girl
  113. The most badass anime character ever?
  114. Do you watch Anime with your family?
  115. The Most Hottest Anime Boy!!!
  116. Legal Drug, Volume Four
  117. Bakemonogatari Stream
  118. the big week : 21 June - 27 June
  119. Have an anime character you hate?
  120. the anime that got you into anime
  121. Last Anime you bought on DVD/Blu-ray
  122. what is ur top 5 funniest anime series?
  123. Do you get mad if someone made fun/offended your favorite anime character ?
  124. What do u hate about ur fav anime and fav anime character
  125. Yandere, Tsundere, or Kuudere?
  126. YOUR anime harem?
  127. I need some help with new/old Anime
  128. Naruto or Beach?
  129. redub your favorite opening
  130. What do u prefer downloading anime or watching it Online
  131. Odd Anime Couples
  132. Eating Contest
  133. choose my destiny
  134. The Most Bad Ass Anime Quotes Ever
  135. Vampire Knight vs. Death Note
  136. What Do You Know About........(Weekly Updated)
  137. The Anime Challenge
  138. Have you ever had a crush on an Anime Character?
  139. Yugioh cards playing
  140. What is this Anime?
  141. Otaku must-see anime list!
  142. What anime deserves a remake ? or what anime would you leave as it is?
  143. Which is better Anime or Manga?
  144. who is the last anime character u saw?
  145. who is the most polite anime character?
  146. Awesome Anime Outfits!!!
  147. Can manga/anime be represented as real life people?
  148. Best Shonen Jump Villain
  149. good quality anime GIF's
  150. Ciel in Wonderland OVA
  151. Best names you've heard of ?
  152. Images Requests Thread
  153. what is your fav anime picture?:D
  154. Your Top 10 Anime Fights
  155. Anime!
  156. Tokyo bans anime and manga
  157. You know you're obsessed with anime when...
  158. Anime session ......
  159. Weiss Schwarz
  160. Any suggestions?
  161. Future of Anime
  162. Anime that are not like there manga counter parts
  163. What Song Reminds You Of An Anime Character
  164. Anime characters who share your birthday !
  165. Most seemingly innocent characters in Anime
  166. Anime Haters !! how do you deal with them ??
  167. Anime Club Suggestions
  168. What anime you think is the manliest anime of all time?
  169. ppl recomend me some animes plz
  170. Which should I do!?!?
  171. Can anyone tell me about...?
  172. Strongest anime character
  173. A question about anime preference
  174. Do you watch anime when you are in the mood or whenever possible?
  175. What would you do if you could go through your pc/tv to the anime youre watching?
  176. Powerful Anime Girls.
  177. Anime trivia game
  178. Anime Characters you used to like, but dislike now
  179. Longest series name you can think of
  180. I will marry...
  181. Animes you used to dislike but like now
  182. 4Kids Being Sued
  183. Anime watching down over time?
  184. so i'm in the mood to cry...
  185. [Dub Localization Dilemmas] Verbal Tics
  186. musical cliche in cyberpunk anime? (can you help?)
  187. Can you guess the anime character?
  188. Best English male and female voice actor(s)
  189. Truth about Anime
  190. Your anime hero(s)!
  191. If you could...
  192. Bleach, Clannad, Higurashi parody
  193. What anime would be a horrible live-action?
  194. What violent animes have you seen?
  195. animes u started and never finished
  196. Whats the anime/manga that your reading/watching currently?
  197. Alchohol, Drugs, and Anime
  198. Strongest anime character that is not physically strong.
  199. anime choice
  200. i want to watch something with vampires in it
  201. Favorite Anime Robot/Cyborg?
  202. Code Geass and Death Note are so similar it's crazy, no?
  203. Anyone know what Anime this is?
  204. I don't get voice actors
  205. Help me find an old anime film?
  206. Katekyo Hitman Reborn: X GENERATION
  207. what is your animed top 10 favorite characters
  208. What anime would you recommend for someone who had never seen anime before?
  209. best animation
  210. Most ridiculous looking Villains.
  211. Someone suggest some anime to watch :O
  212. Someone suggest any anime similar to Shuffle!
  213. The most pathetic DUB you have ever seen
  214. Popular Anime
  215. What are your Top 5 Anime and Why?
  216. what actors should play anime charaters if it was made live action
  217. how do you think about. kids anime?
  218. Anime song mixes
  219. Re: Naruto and dbz
  220. can someone explain higurashi to me?
  221. if you were a anime character what would be your power?
  222. Anime Identification....
  223. Lets play an anime game
  224. Fall Anime Line-up
  225. gendo pose/ pose that alot of charicters do
  226. lets play an other anime game
  227. What do you look for in anime?
  228. beyblade metal fusion
  229. if you were a anime character how would you look?
  230. What is the best action anime ever?
  231. What is the best comedy anime ever?
  232. BEST anime of all time
  233. Anime look-a-likes!
  234. Who is the best fighter in anime history
  235. What anime series is your life?
  236. What anime series would you like to live in?
  237. Thinking anime...
  238. Favorite anime villain
  239. Anime Sibling
  240. Anime suggestions??
  241. Will you ever stop watching anime?
  242. What's your single favorite anime?
  243. does anyone know any animes with like philosophical aspects
  244. Anime Villains: Brain vs Brawn
  245. I'd like to know your opinion...what are some of the best animes you have seen?
  246. All-time Favorite Anime Battles
  247. Who's the hottest girl in anime
  248. Whats the first anime based video game you ever played?
  249. Anim.A Characters/ Terms
  250. Most "Crazy" Character?