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  2. Martial Arts
  3. Saber's Blades discussion Thread
  4. Weighted Clothing
  5. Boxing: Who is the greatest of all time?
  6. How do you motivate yourself to train?
  7. What is The Best way to train?
  8. Chi or ki, in martial arts
  9. steroids is it good or bad?
  10. How to recover ?
  11. how much weaght can u lift in weight training?
  12. How often should you train?
  13. Strength training effect growth?
  14. Bujinkan
  15. Most and least effective martial art
  16. What I learn with the martial arts?
  17. Muscle size and muscle strength
  18. In your style of martial art, what is your favourite self defence move?
  19. Name your favourite move in a martial arts style hand form?
  20. My chalange
  21. Bruce Lee - Jet Lee - Jackie Chan whos the best?
  22. Weight Training
  23. Pressure points
  24. Aikido
  25. does deep squats blow ya nees?
  26. bench press grip
  27. muscle confusion
  28. Calisthenics vs Weights
  29. Repition Number
  30. Opinion: Supplements
  31. is dis a clean lift?
  32. does you hav to spend a long time in da gym ta get hench?
  33. Workout Program
  34. How do you exercise?
  35. Soft Skills
  36. Yoga as a Martial Art
  37. Tell Us About Your Diet
  38. Prejudice at the Gym
  39. Personal Records
  40. Post music you train to or exercise to