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  1. do you like Sai's costume in shipuuden?
  2. Doyou think the shipuuden would be more exciting if the akatsuki leader happens to be
  3. Who's smartest character in naruto
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  5. Naruto Shippuuden Anime archive
  6. If you would make your own S-rank criminals organization...
  7. Favourite Akatsuki member and why
  8. do you think that naruto will become stronger than the fourth?!
  9. What's a good name for a fusion of chidori and rasengan?
  10. What is your favorite biju ?
  11. Soooo...Disney's getting Naruto Shippuden.
  12. Did you ever cried because of an episode of Naruto ?
  13. Sign by FLOW Naruto Shippuden Op 6 (currently 1-of-a-kind)
  14. Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain
  15. The Man Who Became God
  16. In Attendance, the six paths of Pain
  17. Why do you think Sai likes/talks about p****?
  18. How Would Uchiha Madara Look Like ?
  19. Danzo: evil or misunderstood? (spoiler alert >.>)
  20. Neji in shippuden
  21. Zetsu - Main Character Discussion
  22. Old Tobi (Personal) and Madara
  23. Should we have separate Naruto and Shippuden forums?
  24. The saddest moment in naruto/ Shippuuden so far
  25. Most physicaly strong Naruto charecter
  26. Hinata vs Sakura
  27. What do you think about the new opening ?
  28. Char which u used to like.. but not now.
  29. Best uchiha
  30. Favorite Hokage?
  31. Akatsuki, who is the strongest
  32. Naruto Characters' Weaknesses
  33. Characters in Shippuden that need spotlight
  34. Naruto shippuuden What if's
  35. deidara or sasori (or sai ?)- whose art is the best ?
  36. Fav battle in shippuuden?
  37. most badass villain in shippuuden
  38. Kakashi's Sharingan /Sharingan talk
  39. Epic scenes/moments in shippuuden
  40. Shippuuden quotes
  41. If you were Sai, what would your nicknames be for your favourite ninjas?
  42. Fastest naruto character
  43. Most destructive/powerful attack and defense in naruto
  44. The real genius in Naruto?
  45. Kakashi or Sasuke - Who's a better lightning user
  46. Sasuke or Madara - Who's faster?
  47. Sasuke Uchiha
  48. can rasengan be classed as a jutsu?
  49. Rasengan,Chidori,Lightning Blade - Chakra requirement
  50. Fav Naruto Screen shots
  51. How strong are the tailed beasts?
  52. mangekyou techniques - strengths and weaknesses
  53. My challenge to you!
  54. how many tails tings can naruto do?
  55. sasuke vs. sasuke from shippuden
  56. Which Naruto character would you like to see in real life
  57. Awesome Fan Animation KakaVsSasu
  58. Boxing/Naruto/Hiphop
  59. naruto Amv
  60. Do you think Kakashi would have made a good Hokage?
  61. What chakara property are you?
  62. Which hidden village would you live in?
  63. Who's the best of the sannins?
  64. Best tactician in Naruto
  65. Just another random Naruto thread
  66. What's so good about this show?
  67. Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. contest for rep
  69. hey there NEED HELP
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  71. The 3 tails saga!
  72. Favorite episode of Shippuden?
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  74. What we have learned from watching Naruto Shippuden
  75. Kabuto talking dirty to Yukimaru o.0
  76. Will Naruto become Hokage or Jounin after the war?
  77. Which Naruto character do you hate?
  78. Kakashi's Backstory
  79. Was Sasuke's declaration that he wanted to be hokage really THAT bad?
  80. Uchiha Carol (Christmas Parody: Deck the Halls)
  81. Naruto Fillers
  82. Naruto Shippuden episode 429
  83. Naruto blog competition
  84. who's the strongest Naruto shippudden character?
  85. watch boruto the movie
  86. Naruto shippudden episode 460
  87. Who is Kaguya ?
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