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  1. DragonBall Movies, Specials and OVA's General discussion.
  2. What do you think of the live action DBZ movie?
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  4. Cooler, Goku, and Movie 5
  5. DBZ Movie: Cooler's Revenge/The Return of Cooler
  6. Fusion Reborn
  7. Wrath of the Dragon
  8. Dragonball, The First Live Action Movie
  9. Dragonball Evolution.... Sequel?!
  10. Goku's mother Fasha?
  11. Turles gokus cousin?
  12. tarbels wife???
  13. Tarble... SSJ?
  14. Bojack Unbound
  15. Super Android 13
  16. Lord Slug
  17. The World's Strongest
  18. Bardock the father of Goku
  19. Dragonball Path to power
  20. DBZ Movies/Specials/OVAs: Canon or non Canon
  21. What's your favorite Dragon Ball/Z Movie?
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  26. Which character should be canon?
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  28. Strongest Villian in the Movies (Debate)
  29. Dragonball Evolution... Ruin DBZ?
  30. Garlic Jr. and Dr. Wheelo vs Turles
  31. Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy The Movie
  32. Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return! OVA
  33. Character info and back ground Freezer/cooler
  34. Was vegeta stronger that goku in the meta cooler movie?
  35. Lord Slug Movie
  36. Who is more of a hero?
  37. Wrath of the Dragon
  38. Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 English Sub 2015 - ドラゴンボールスーパーエピソード1
  39. Dragonball Latest Movie
  40. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - Official Trailer