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  1. Resolved layz and assasin are flamers
  2. Resolved Complaint about the new banner
  3. Resolved Complaint from ~Shana~ re cooler and rule 2
  4. Resolved Complaint by ~Shana~ against cell re rule 2
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  8. Resolved krillen
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  10. Resolved Spam Forums account for over half of Anime Forum's post count
  11. Resolved loading issue...
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  13. Resolved pop up authentication
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  15. Resolved a problem that poped up
  16. Resolved Anime Review Section Inactivity
  17. Resolved Weird...
  18. Resolved What the crap
  19. Resolved ok just noticed this and its kinda annoying
  20. Resolved i cant search the forums
  21. Resolved Small Experience Search Issue
  22. Resolved conquest problem?
  23. Resolved The bottom of my page is always Not Found
  24. Resolved Whhhhy?
  25. Possible random glitch
  26. Graphics Problem
  27. data base error
  28. Profile Settings Problem
  29. Resolved Mixpod Glitch
  30. Resolved Issues with donator stars
  31. Resolved so can we c avatars and sig´s ?
  32. Resolved Cant log in to AF using cellphone
  33. notification emails
  34. Activity
  35. Threads don't appear on User CP
  36. Resolved Spoilers Don't Open
  37. Resolved Attachments low resolution
  38. Resolved Site down sometimes, only for me
  39. Color code bug
  40. Resolved Can't make topics in the fun house
  41. Resolved is it just me?
  42. Private Album
  43. Display of pages is not uniform, no data displayed
  44. My listed Posts aren't displaying
  45. Problem With Website
  46. New Indexing bug detected in posting HTML
  47. My Account
  48. Edit is bug
  49. Resolved Your connection is now secure
  50. Certificate Not Verified on firrefox only
  51. Important Y staff not enforce da rules anymore?
  52. FIrefox