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  1. New smiles/emoticons to Add? Any suggestions?
  2. the ranking system
  3. Prizes
  4. YT vidoes on your page
  5. Do you like any of these skins?
  6. Groups
  7. Sigs and avatar section
  8. Any fun Ideas for our new Anime Forum ?
  9. Conquest system
  10. IRC? [Read It]
  11. Let others post links to Anime downloads?
  12. Ad's
  13. AF Banner!
  14. Advertising on youtube
  15. advetisments for the site
  16. Achievments System
  17. Shown user status!
  18. Ability to give reputation for visitor messages
  19. Suggestions... Although I'm Not Certain If I'm Entitled To Make Them... ^^U
  20. Restart conquest?
  21. Updates?
  22. Can anyone make us a few sigs and avis?
  23. Could We make a Arcade Section where there is written User CP,Blogs,FAQ ecc.
  24. New Ranks and Clans
  25. Shal we make.......?
  26. Favouritizing threads
  27. Clan development ideas.
  28. Spelling...
  29. Official AF competitions suggestions.
  30. Hey!
  31. New Templet for RP Character
  32. Suggestion for new section
  33. Chatango!Bling!
  34. Forum Games Suggestion
  35. Can there be a Request setion?
  36. Anime Forum Birthday Soon! Suggestions
  37. Your own private secret forum?
  38. Vocaloid section
  39. Conquest strategy game reset on the 11th of june.
  40. Battle Arena suggestions
  41. What prizes do you want for competitons.
  42. Visual orientation for new members
  43. More Sub Forums for Specific Anime Discussions?
  44. Sub Forum for Sports Discussions
  45. Conquest game, Clan Names
  46. AF member of the year award
  47. Flood control
  48. Youtube groups are ending on the 1st of december
  49. Merging naruto shipuuden and anime sub forums?
  50. donate u all
  51. New forum suggestions - read first post
  52. Suggestion: A Yu Gi Oh Forum
  53. Reboot the Dragon Ball Section?
  54. Asian dramas: What Do U Think About This Idea
  55. BA Archive in some sort?
  56. Kickass Ventrilo Server Request!!
  57. Restart conquest?
  58. Best Debator of the Month Award?
  59. best newbie award.
  60. Any ideas for competitions?
  61. What should our sites ballance be between fun and seirous posting
  62. News Forum?
  63. If you want a new forum to be made, read this first.
  64. Related Posts Feature
  65. Adverts on AF?
  66. The Option to Upload Pictures By Link
  67. Debate forum?
  68. Suggestion for new anime rank titles
  69. tech forum (help on hardware\software)
  70. Suggestion: Update Reputation Bar?
  71. Original Manga
  72. RPG ranks
  73. Signature Size
  74. Neg reps are good! Why arnt you using them?
  75. An app
  76. Restart Conquest?
  77. Favicons and Themes?
  78. Preinstalled available avatars
  79. Neon Genesis Evangelion Board
  80. New Guy Has Suggestions
  81. Debater Ranks
  82. Suggestion: Extend Discussion?
  83. Not sure if someone has pointed this out yet or not...
  84. RPG Mentors?
  85. Participation award?
  86. Suggestion: Anime Forum's Wikia
  87. Toriko Board
  88. Hmm an idea
  89. hmm...
  91. a thoought...
  92. An idea I had
  93. Save Replay
  94. Change your Title request Title changes thread
  95. AF Favicon
  96. Hells roleplays?
  97. RP List Suggestion
  98. hidden thread
  99. Animeforum RPG
  100. Reputation
  101. enlarge image inside post
  102. Default post settings
  103. Advertising AF and bringing in New Members
  104. Request for images for advertising AF
  105. OC forum? To show and dicuss your OCs? (''Original Characters )
  106. Chat and Notifications?
  107. Request for more structure in the Forums
  108. Copy Buffer Suggestion
  109. New Video forums?
  110. Super Citizen? Your views.
  111. Do u want new ranks, DBZ ranks, Naruto Ranks? etc
  112. OK, what upgrades do you want for our website
  113. Crazy ... you betacha
  114. I Have A Brilliant Idea
  115. If you want RE :a new forum to be made, read this first.
  116. MP4 Player
  117. Chat box
  118. Rule relaxation -Feel free to make new threads.
  119. [feedback] Can't send PM
  120. [question] How to advertise the discord server link?
  121. Is Anime Forum realy secure?