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  1. We have our 100th member already. YAY
  2. Contacting the Members who are not showing as currently registered.
  3. New forums Hell and Mature forums.
  4. The Arcade is accassable again
  5. Minor server problems today, but this host company is on top of it
  6. New avitar sizes.
  7. Conquest Game - new on AF - now open
  8. Site server change
  9. Soul edge recruitment!
  10. Over 500 Referls in about 50 day!
  11. AF banner needed urgently now
  12. One Hundred Thousand Posts. o_0
  13. AF Banner September Size worked out - request for banner
  14. New look to the info desk section
  15. New A quater of a million posts, lets go for it.
  16. A quater of a million posts. We did it :D
  17. Dragon Clan: Treasure Horde & Prize requests
  18. Royal Clan: Who deserves reputation for their deeds
  19. Magic Clan: Do you want to change your name?. Naming custodians
  20. Most users ever online was 187, Today at 08:13 PM.
  21. The new vBulletin 4 switch ?
  22. New Forums home, and section changes
  23. My activity over the next few weeks
  24. New RPG Players Rank and graphics space
  25. New we have broken another Record
  26. New Want to design our AF buisness cards?
  27. New Half a million posts :D
  28. New New Record achieved
  29. New Scams, hackers, and other such monsters
  30. New Im away on the 17th and 18th GMT
  31. Important attacks on our site
  32. New Conquest to restart on the 15th of december.
  33. Important Show some considaration and dont use autoplay on mixipod
  34. Resolved The rep system wos not working
  35. New Battle Arena is closed tempoaraly.
  36. Resolved sorry about the few miniuts offline- all fixed.
  37. Important Your site needs your help.
  38. Attack on the site and lost time.
  39. Is anyone getting this problem logging in?
  40. please read and do
  41. New New AF record for members and visitors today
  42. New Most ever users online just went up again!
  43. New featured animes positions.
  44. Congratulations Kanoke , New Leader of The Magic Clan.
  45. Important Please pray for Tupac115
  46. New More points for referals and donations
  47. New Happy Halloween 2011
  48. Thank you for all the donations
  49. New I might not be online much for a little while.
  50. I May Not Be Getting On Very Often
  51. Important re problems with getting onto AF using an I phone or mobile device
  52. New Most Users Online has went up yet again!
  53. Resolved Re the site problems
  54. Drop In Activity Update.
  55. Important reThe problem of the siteshutting down and Conquest Game
  56. Important Computer and personal issues.
  57. Important Help your site survive forever
  58. Resolved Re the site and the Lost Home page
  59. New Any members having problems with posting in some threads?
  60. New Congratulations Dragonlady on being a Red Admin
  61. Important Sorry about the down time today
  62. Important About MixPod
  63. New Happy New Year 2013
  64. New To all the people in Oklahoma
  65. New Ascendeds Coder and repairs
  66. Ascended's Time Away
  67. Important Thank you to our donators for this month
  68. Resolved Down time for the site today
  69. New Ascended Vegeta's April 2014 message
  70. The site is back!
  71. Sorry about that!
  72. Important Greetings to One and All
  73. How to deal with the Malware problem
  74. New Site Maintenance
  75. New Changing Your Thread's Title - Request Thread
  76. New Site Upgrade 17-08-2014
  77. New Change Log and Advanced Notice of Changes
  78. New Coders Questions
  79. New Hi it's Saber
  80. New The Snow
  81. Important How do we help new inexperianced mebers let people know they want to Role play
  82. Resolved down time for the site
  83. Important I need u to protect and run this place yourselves
  84. New Removal of e-mail contact details
  85. Seasons Greetings Anime Forum
  86. Important NightAl AmV needs our Support
  87. New Most users ever online was 686, 08-26-2017 at 07:17 AM.
  88. New Let's get Posting 1000 Challenge
  89. New Most users ever online was 821, Today at 12:39 PM.
  90. New Most users ever online was 836, Today at 04:23 PM.
  91. Important Can anyone help with a small donation for the site?