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  1. Staff needed. June 2009
  2. Congratulations Saber - new Super mod
  3. Congratulations GohanMaster - New Super Mod
  4. Congratulations GokuNL - New Super mod
  5. Congratulations Ebetza - One Piece mod
  6. Congratulations Goku - New DBZ mod
  7. Congratulations layZ_0717 - new mod
  8. Congratulations Mains- Senior RPG Mod
  9. Congratulations Asamoya. Specific and horror anime mod
  10. Congratulations FlameHaze_Shana - General Anime Topics Mod
  11. Congratulations The Ferryman - Movies, music and TV
  12. Congratulations ~Ai~
  13. Defeat All Opposition
  14. Congratulations SandGoddess. RPG MOD.
  15. Congratulations KingKongDeLong. Easy chat MOD.
  16. Congratulations masamunesephiroth1990 'anime reviews' MOD
  17. Mod changes and extra forums- Lazy, Assasin
  18. FlameHaze_Shana Has taken on another forum
  19. Congratulations Animegal7860 new fun house mod
  20. Congratulations ionman2a New RPG mod
  21. Congratulations ~Ai~ senior mod promotion
  22. VOTING RESULTS ARE IN- . Elections of AF's palimentary group members
  23. Congratulations SSJ4Aaron DBZ mod
  24. Congratulations, Wevenger Naruto mod.
  25. Congratulations, Rock lee naruto mod.
  26. Congratulations Idiot fox Naruto mod
  27. Mod applications for August.
  28. AF's palimentary group members
  29. SSJ4Aaron promoted to senior DBZ mod
  30. Congratulations Raven : New Community and new members mod
  31. VOTE count for Citizens Representatives Sep/oct/09
  32. Congratulations andyz96 New RPG mod.
  33. Mod applications for September
  34. Congratulations Sleeping Darkness, new mod
  35. Demodding and resting mod news
  36. wevenger promoted to senior mod
  37. Mod Applications for November
  38. Mod Applications for December 2009
  39. Vote for Citizens Representatives Nov/dec/09
  40. Congratulations Riian-Taicho , New Bleach mod.
  41. Congratulations Shinji New Bleach mod.
  42. Sleeping darkness also takes on RPG
  43. Congratulations miss89 new art and lit mod
  44. Congratulations Cadian134 New One Piece mod.
  45. Congratulations DustPebbles New Easy Discussion mod.
  46. Congratulations kibou New Members Own Anime Art mod.
  47. Congratulations Leilah New Parragraph RPG mod and community mod.
  48. Congratulations Dragonlady New community mod.
  49. Congratulations tupac115 New Extended Discussion mod.
  50. Congratulations Sir Gokunl, New RPG Mod.
  51. Congratulations hisjoker101, New RPG Mod.
  52. Congratulations ionman2a RPG mod also takes on new forum
  53. Important How can I become a mod? Questions and first stage applications
  54. Stats Thread for mod applicants
  55. OLd Official Mod Application Thread.
  56. Please Vote for Citizens Representatives Elections Jan/Feb/2010
  57. Resolved Please Apply, and then Vote for Citizens Representatives Elections Mar/Apr/2010
  58. Congratulations SynVegeta, New DBZ mod
  59. Congratulations SSJ4Aaron New DBZ mod
  60. New New mods training period
  61. Congratulations Jadlardia. New training DBZ mod.
  62. Congratulations Shineman: New DBZ training mod.
  63. Congratulations Gaara new mod training, Members Own General Literature
  64. Congratulations tupac115 has taken the remaining extended discussion foums over
  65. Congratulations Priincevegeta New DBZ Training mod.
  66. Congratulations Jcoss New Naruto Training mod.
  67. We need RPG mods
  68. New Congratulations SSJ4Aaron as New DBZ Senior Mod in training
  69. New Congratulations Tupac115 as New Extended Discussion Senior Mod (in training )
  70. Resolved Leader of the Citizen Representitives. 3-8 month /2010
  71. New Congratulations SSJ4Aaron new rpgmod
  72. New Congratulations Kanoke as New Bleach Anime/Manga Mod
  73. Congratulations Tupac115 Senior Mod
  74. Congratulations Mobius new training mod
  75. Congratulations Delquea Angelo DBZ fun and Arale mod
  76. Resolved Please Vote, for your Citizens Representatives May/June/July/2010
  77. Congratulations Dragonlady on becoming Senior mod
  78. Resolved Applications for Citizens Representatives aug/sep/oct/2010/
  79. Saber and Gohanmaster
  80. ~Ai~ promoted to Supermod
  81. hisjoker101 promoted to senior mod training
  82. Shikamaru has been promoted to mod in training for general manga
  83. The Grindel Katinka has been promoted to community mod training.
  84. Asamoya has been promoted to senior mod training.
  85. Resolved Leader of the Citizen Representitives. 9-2 month /2010/11
  86. Where we need mods currently.
  87. Dragonlady and tupac115 promoted to Supermod
  88. Basch new General Anime topics moderator(in training)
  89. ~Suki~ New Training mod
  90. Congratulations kibou Community Mod (in training)
  91. Resolved Your new Citizens Representatives NOV/DEC/JAN/2010/11.
  92. New Dragonaruto new Mod in Training
  93. AMV mods Anyone interested?
  94. New PeterPrime , New Members Own Anime Art
  95. Citizen Representatives applications Feb/March/April 2011
  96. New Congratulations , king3809 rpg mod in training
  97. Resolved Leader of the Citizen Representitives. 3-9 month /2011
  98. New Peter Prime has been promoted to senior mod training.
  99. Congratulations Sharingan672
  100. Congratulations Catriinaa , Moderator in Training
  101. New Congratulations Neko Mobius Moderator (in Training.)
  102. Resolved Citizen Representatives applications May/June/July 2011
  103. AMV mods needed.
  104. New congratulate Super_Vegeta, new Moderator for Dragonball/z/gt Anime Fun
  105. Resolved Citizen Representatives applications August/September/October 2011
  106. New senoir mods exp
  107. Resolved Leader of the Citizen Representitives sep 2011 - february 2012
  108. Super_Vegeta Now modding all DBZ
  109. Dragonlady has been promoted to Supermod Admin.
  110. Congradulations Riian-Taicho New senoir mod exp
  111. hisjoker101, has been promoted to senior mod EXP.
  112. Congratulations Jcoss Minato for becoming Senior Mod exp.
  113. Congratulations Destruction for becoming Senior Mod exp.
  114. Resolved Your New Citizens Representatives Nov/Dec 2011 & Jan 2012
  115. Congratulations Luxtra on becoming the new AMV moderator.
  116. Congratulations Halibel,our new Anime Download moderator.
  117. Commmunity Moderators Needed
  118. New Congratulations to Super_Vegeta, who has also become a new Community Mod
  119. Moderator N3rd for Naruto Anime
  120. New Moderator Vegetasawesome for AMVs Forum and New Community Mod.
  121. New Moderator Itsuki Predator for AMVs Forum and New Community Mod.
  122. New New Community Moderator KozaKuraHaiNe
  123. Resolved Your new Citizen Representatives for Febuary, March & April 2012
  124. New Mod needed for Members Own Anime Art, Members Own General Art
  125. New Congratulations to ~Sukichu~ on completing your Supermod training
  126. Resolved Your new Citizen Representatives for May, June & July 2012
  127. Resolved Your new Leader of the Citizen's Rep ~Sukichu~
  128. Congratulations tupac115 We welcome you back to taking on a Super Mod role again.
  129. New Senior Moderator in Training N3rd for Naruto Anime, Manga and Naruto Shippenden
  130. Welcome our new Moderator for Bleach anime and Manga, Neko Shaara.
  131. Resolved Your new Citizen's Representative for Aug, Sept & Oct 2012
  132. Congratulations to our new Senior Mod and Section Leader for AMV section Luxtra
  133. Congratulations to our new Super Mod Kanoke.
  134. New Could you be a Moderator in one of these Forums?
  135. Resolved Your new Citizen Representative for Nov, Dec & Jan - Elementalkatana and ~Sukichu~
  136. New LoopyPanda11 as New Moderator for Members own Anime Art and Members own General Art.
  137. New lio-sama. New Moderator for the Community.
  138. New Congratulations to our new Senior Mod and Section Leader for DBZ SSJ4Aaron
  139. New Welcome Rufio . New Moderator for the Community
  140. New New Senior Moderator N3rd for Naruto Anime, Manga, and Naruto Shippenden.
  141. New vegetasawsome. Now full Moderator for the Community, and Moderator for AMV Section
  142. Resolved Citizen's Representative Leader Application for January through June 2013
  143. Resolved Your next Citizen's Representative February, March & April 2013
  144. Resolved Your next Citizen's Representatives for May, June & July 2013
  145. Resolved Your New Citizen's Representative for Aug, Sept & Oct 2013
  146. Resolved Your New Citizen's Representative Leader for August - January
  147. Resolved Citizen's Representative applications for Nov/Dec 2013 & Jan 2014
  148. Important Application for Citizen's Representative Leader February - July 2014
  149. Important Citizen's Representative applications for Feb, Mar & Apr 2014
  150. Resolved Your next Citizen's Representative April, May & June 2014
  151. New +Masamune+ - New Super Moderator!
  152. New Senior Mod Section Leader in Training
  153. New Moderator Required for Member's own Anime Art and Member's own General Art
  154. Urgent Looking for applicants to moderate in Member's Own Anime and General Art
  155. Important Applications for Citizen's Representatives July, August & September 2014
  156. Important All moderators post here if you need full powers.
  157. New Sir Cadian has been promted to AF's Coder
  158. New Congratulations Tadashi on your new role as a Moderator for General Anime Topics.
  159. New Welcome back ~Ai~ as Super Moderator
  160. New Welcome+Masamune+ as Super Moderator
  161. New Congratulations Blaksun On becoming a new Moderator in Training for AMV's Forum.
  162. New Congratulations Blaksun on becoming our new Moderator for AMV's Forum
  163. New Welcome back hisjoker101 as Senior Mod experience'
  164. New +Masamune+ has been promoted to Senior mod experience
  165. Important Welcome your new Citizen's Representative for January, February & March 2015
  166. New Staff needed.
  167. New Welcome Back Neko Shaara as Moderator
  168. New Congratulations Vegeta1 as new Senior Moderator Section Leader
  169. New Son-Goku - Moderator in Training
  170. New Congrats Son-Goku full Moderator for Dragonball/Z/GT
  171. Important Your new Citizen's Representative for April, May & June 2015
  172. Important Application for Citizen's Rep Leader July-December 2015
  173. Important Citizen's Representative Application for July, August & September 2015
  174. New Staff needed
  175. New NightAl AmV as a new Moderator in Training in the AMV sections
  176. Resolved Citizen representitives. April 2017
  177. New Please welcome Linkaden as a New Moderator in Training
  178. New Congratulations to UzumakiUpper as a new Community Moderator
  179. New Please welcome Seadragon AMV's as our New Moderator