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  1. Do aliens exist and are they here now?
  2. Should birds be euthanized to save planes?
  3. new scientific eveidence about animal suffering
  4. To what extent is time travel possible?
  5. Forum Rules Extended Discussion and debate
  6. Aromachology/Aromatherapy
  7. Biofuels
  8. Space Exploration
  9. Biodiversity and Endangered Species
  10. Life on Mars
  11. Will Science save us? Or destroy us?
  12. Faster Than Light Travel
  13. Life on Europa
  14. Strange weather
  15. could man ever walk on the sun?
  16. what would happened if the world stopped spinnning?
  17. Teraforming Planets
  18. Why are we so dependant on technology?
  19. Use Of all Of the Brain.
  20. Gliese 581
  21. Science and Science fiction connections
  22. GRAVITY TRAINING CHAMBER. Is It possible, and effective?
  23. Re: Faster Than Light Travel
  24. Light Bulbs and Electrons
  25. Global warming discussion.
  26. Earth will survive forever !?!
  27. Life on Titan
  28. BP oil spill. Who is to blame?
  29. Endangered planet and How to Save it.
  30. Race
  31. Infinite universe- extended Big Bang theory
  32. Feeling Computer
  33. did man realy step on da moon?
  34. Immunity System fails?
  35. New Planet?
  36. Taxoplasma effects
  37. Would VY Canis Majoris's Hypernova affect Earth?
  38. Trichotillomania-Pulling out hair disorder
  39. Stars are Vampire!
  40. All Non-Africans are part Neanderthal, genetics confirm
  41. Life elsewhere
  42. Will humans ever be cloned?
  43. Cloning a mammoth
  44. Genetically altered children
  45. Eye-contact detectors found in macaque brains
  46. Old wives tales
  47. 21.12.2012, world end?
  48. Our galxay is due to collide with another Galaxy
  49. Ethanol in our petrol
  50. The [Ottoman] Empire Strikes Back
  51. The [Ottoman] Empire Strikes Back